Father’s Day gifts fit for all – from dad rockers to Sunday golfers

Your dad loves it when you buy him socks and a ‘driving anthems’ CD, but why not go all-out this year with a tech gift that shows you really know him?

25 May 2016


Father's Day

Dad rocker

Your dad loves his music – whether he’s a dad rocker, a retired metal-head or a bit of a hippy.

He has stacks of records but they’ve been up in the loft for years. Help him onto the vinyl revival craze with a new record player.

With the Sony PS-LX300 he can:

  • Play 12-inch LPs and 7-inch singles (45rpm and 33 1/3rpm speed options)
  • Hook it up to a stereo amplifier and speakers
  • Or connect to a laptop to make his vinyl collection digital
  • Enjoy ‘clear and detailed sound’ according to one of our customer reviews

Check out the Sony PS-LX300


Tech geek dad

Your dad inspired your love of tech (it all started with games consoles back in the day). 

He’s been talking about the ‘smart home’ for a while but isn’t sure of the best way to get started – help him to reignite his passion.

Smart heating is practical, affordable and simple to set up – so a smart thermostat is a great place to start.

With the Nest learning thermostat he can:

  • Switch on the heating using his phone when on the way home
  • Use less energy (since 2011, Nest has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide)
  • Enjoy heating that learns the family routines and adjusts the temperature to suit
  • Have peace of mind – it turns down the heating when you leave the house

Check out the Nest learning thermostat


Extreme sports dad

Your dad fancies himself as a bit of an action man – Sunday league football and running are not enough.

He prefers the rush of adrenalin that comes with white-knuckle pursuits like surfing, kayaking, mountain-biking and rock climbing.

See things through his eyes – and make his day – with a point-of-view camera from GoPro.

With the GoPro HERO4 Session he can: 

  • Mount the camera on the end of his surfboard/kayak/bike handlebars
  • Record footage in Full HD of his surf/ride/dive to show off and examine his technique 
  • Take to the water with waterproofing to 10m depth
  • Feel light – it’s 50% smaller and 40% lighter than a regular GoPro

Get the GoPro HERO4 Session


Football-loving dad

There’s nothing your dad likes more than putting his feet up with the football on the telly.

He used to go to every game, both home and away, when he was young – help him relive that stadium atmosphere with a super-sharp 4K TV…

With the Samsung KS7000 he can:

  • Enjoy the match with 4 times more detail than your old TV (when watching native 4K)
  • Get a much sharper picture when watching in HD with upscaling tech
  • Stream Amazon Instant Video and Netflix in 4K
  • Enjoy an even greater range of colours and contrast with HDR video and quantum dot display

Check out the Samsung KS7000 4K HDR TV


Golfing dad

Is your dad happiest when he’s on the links every chance he can get?

He’s got all the gear – including the pastel-coloured knitwear – but he and his pals are incredibly competitive. Help him gain an edge with a watch designed for golfing. 

With the TomTom Golfer he can:

  • Measure the distance in yards to the front, centre and back of the green
  • View hazards on the screen before playing his shot
  • Have data for 40,000 courses at his fingertips
  • Keep score as he plays his round

Check out the TomTom Golfer Watch


Neat freak dad

There’s nothing your dad dislikes more than a messy house.

He shudders at a chaotic utensil drawer, baulks at an overloaded dishwasher and is highly offended by uncapped tubes of toothpaste.

Help him at least keep the floors spick and span with a powerful cordless vacuum.

With the Dyson V8 Absolute he can:

  • Pick up the finest dust and allergens – they won’t escape back into the air
  • Give laminate and floorboards an excellent clean with the hard-floor tool
  • Make short work of trampled-in pet hair
  • Clean the stairs and sofa with the handheld vac

Check out the Dyson V8 Absolute


Won’t-buy-new-headphones dad

Your dad takes the train to work every day and he loves listening to music to liven up the dull commute. 

He’s been using those earphones that came free with his phone for years and it’s really time he upgraded – but you know he’ll never get round to it. 

You should take the initiative. 

With the Goji wireless Bluetooth headphones he can:

  • Give the inside of his ears a break with the soft leather ear-pads
  • Play music wirelessly from his smartphone – no annoying cables
  • Listen morning and evening with 14 hours battery life
  • Take calls from his smartphone with the built-in microphone

Check out the Goji Collection wireless Bluetooth headphones