3 fitness gadgets our experts love

Read on for the fitness gadgets loved by experts at Currys – from stylish fitness bands to an all-encompassing health and wellbeing system.

Want to climb aboard the fitness gadget revolution but not sure where to begin?

Read on for the fitness gadgets loved by experts at Currys - from stylish fitness bands to an all-encompassing health and wellbeing system.

Stylish fitness band - Jawbone UP24

Fitness Band Or Sports Watch - Jawbone Up 24


We love the Jawbone UP24 for its dedication to style and simplicity. It will help you toward a healthier lifestyle while also looking cool.

State-of-the-art technology for tracking steps taken, calories burned and distance covered is wrapped in a simple, stylish rubber band. 

As well as looking good, it's comfy and lightweight too - and can easily be worn all day and all night.


It also helps you track what you eat and drink.

The band syncs wirelessly with your phone, so you can monitor your progress on the corresponding smartphone app.

It monitors your sleep too, working out the quality of your shuteye through the night.

Also, set reminders to let you know when you've been inactive for too long and when it's time for exercise.


What we really love: The effortless blend of state-of-the-art technology and fashion-forward style - with its comfy, good looking band and the ability to track everything from exercising to eating, it's a comprehensive lifestyle tracker

Our experts say:

'The Jawbone UP24 is really stylish and backs up its great looks with easy-to-use functions that can actually transform the way you live your life. We love how it looks at your whole lifestyle - what you eat and drink, how active you are and even how well you've slept - so you can monitor your overall fitness.'


Fitness band with massive battery life - Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit


If you want a fitness gadget that's big on battery life and small on price the Garmin Vivofit is a great option.

The Vivofit offers a one-year battery life, and is one of the most affordable fitness trackers out there.

The fitness tracker is a separate device that sits inside a rubber wrist band, rather than being built into it. The strap is changeable.

The tracker has a screen too. Monitor your progress during a run, or check the calories you have burned. The data is wirelessly synced to the Garmin Connect app.

You can also check the time, and the display is always-on, just like your watch. A red bar will flash on the screen to remind you when you've not moved for an hour.

Set yourself daily goals for added motivation. As you progress, these goals are automatically increased.



What we really love: A battery that lasts all year and an always-on screen that shows the time as well as the progress of your run


Our experts say:

'With its fantastic one year battery life, the Vivofit pedometer offers great value for money, tracking your daily step count, distance walked and calories burned so you can keep on top of your fitness for longer.'



The complete health system - Withings

Withings Pulse



Want a system that will monitor your weight, your exercise and your sleep? Check out the following Withings products.

Withings Pulse 02
An activity tracker that records the steps you take, distance you travel and calories you burn. It can also recognise climbing up hills or stairs.

The tracker can be attached to a strap and worn on your wrist like a smartwatch, or clipped on to your belt or trouser pocket.

It syncs wirelessly with your phone, automatically sending data to the Withings app to compare with previous workouts.

It can even take your heart rate to monitor your recovery after exercising.  


Withings scales

Watching your weight? It can be hard to keep track of fluctuations with just pen and paper.

Each time you weigh yourself on the Withings smart scales the information is sent wirelessly to a smartphone app.

There, it's plotted out on a graph so you can look back and see how your weight has changed over weeks and months in a simple glance.


Withings Aura

The Withings Aura brings state-of-the-art sleep tech to your life.

It's designed to help you fall asleep easily and wake up at the right point of your sleep cycle.

A lamp sits on your bedside table, playing music to help you to sleep and using light to wake you.  


What we really love: The fact you can monitor data from all 3 devices on a single app


Our experts say:

'Withings has done something really exciting. They've built a whole set of smart devices to help look after your fitness levels, and you can control them all with a single app.  

'With products to monitor your activity levels, sleep, weight and even your heart, Withings lets you stay on top of almost every aspect of your fitness with this one central app.'


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