3 new fitness trends for 2019

There’s a lot more to working out than just hitting the gym. Here we check out 2019’s big workout trends.

02 Jan 2019


1. Pole fitness

You may think that pole dancing is restricted to nightclubs. You may even think of it as taboo. But it’s actually growing in popularity as a workout.

Pole fitness requires a huge amount of athleticism and skill. It’s strenuous work, as you need to be carrying enough momentum to pull each move off. But it’s also a lot of fun. Expect pole dancing to continue its rise in 2019.

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High-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, may not be for everyone. As the name suggests, it’s hard work – but you feel great after doing it.

Basically, it’s all about doing something very fast-paced – then something a little slower, and repeating the trick over and over. So that could be 30 seconds of sprinting followed by a minute of jogging or walking, then back to sprinting and so on.

People who swear by HIIT say it helps them burn calories more quickly, and produces a higher metabolic rate for hours after the workout – so you’ll carry on burning off that slice of cake long after your workout.

HIIT is another popular means of exercise, and with the help of a fitness band, could help you achieve your goals.

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3. Calisthenics

For the uninitiated, calisthenics is resistance training with your own body weight – to put it simply. So that includes everything from push-ups to sit-ups, lunges to squats.

But things are moving on a bit from this, as calisthenics has taken to the streets. People are getting outdoors and they’re training everywhere and anywhere – after all, all you need is you. No equipment is necessary.

The benefits are that you can build strength, you can work out every single muscle and you can go easier on your joints. In a gym, using the equipment, you can put too much stress on your tendons and ligaments – lifting more than the body can handle, for example. With calisthenics, all exercise is done in relation to the weight and size of your actual body.

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If you’re embracing exercise in 2019, you could do worse than to get involved in these activities, and a fitness wearable can help you achieve more.

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