3 smartwatches that we love

Read on for the lowdown on three smartwatches that we love - from contemporary geek-chic to classic design

The age of the smartwatch is upon us - but how do you know which one is right for you?

Read on for the lowdown on three smartwatches that we love - from contemporary geek-chic to classic design, we've included something for all tastes.

Google technology delivers info before you need it - LG G Watch

LG G Watch

Smartwatches sync wirelessly with your phone over Bluetooth to display messages, calls and app notifications and calendar updates.

But if you want a watch that goes further by learning your routines and letting you know information before you need it, then take a look at the LG G Watch.

The G Watch has a sleek, contemporary style - with a digital rectangular display that's always-on. This means you can always see the time and date, without having to touch the screen.

It is one of the first smartwatches to run Android Wear, Google's operating system designed specifically for wearables.

Android Wear gives contextual information updates based on where you are, what you are doing and what's in your diary. It can update you on delays to planned journeys, weather forecast for the day or latest scores of your favourite team. 

The G Watch also allows you to write texts and make notes by speaking into it. This means you can also ask Google a question and it'll answer - for instance, 'When does my flight leave?'

What you need: Android phone (Android 4.3 or later)

What we really love: The clever Android Wear information updates based on where you are and what you're doing and the always on technology for checking the time and date without touching the screen 

We say:  "LG's slim and sleek watch running Google Wear will work with any current Android phone and give you access to thousands of Google apps from the play store"

View the LG G Watch here

Slick, sophisticated and boardroom friendly - Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel


The Pebble Steel is a smartwatch that looks as smart as the technology it contains.

With its stainless steel casing, classic leather strap and analogue face, it is perfect for the boardroom or an evening out at a fancy restaurant. There's no wonder Pebble calls it the 'little black dress' of the smartwatch world. 

As well as being one of the first truly fashionable smartwatches, it also connects wirelessly to your Android and Apple phone to show messages, emails, calls and calendar updates. 

It uses an e-ink-style black and white screen. This means that you get an excellent battery life lasting five-seven days between charges - much greater than many other smartwatches. 

It has its own dedicated app store with apps like PebbGPS which gives you turn-by-turn directions and the Yelp app, which is great for finding the best nearby restaurants and cafes. It can even control the music you're listening to on your phone. 

What you need: Android or iOS phone

What we really love: Its effortlessly chic stye, the ability to control your music and its super-long 7-day battery life 

We say: "This easy to use smart watch boasting up to 7 days of battery life will work both with an iPhone or any current Android phone." 

View the Pebble Steel here 


Simple and affordable - Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2


Sony keeps the Smartwatch 2 affordable by focusing on the essentials. It works with any Android phone (4.0 or above), and sends notifications, messages and calls to your wrist.

It's waterproof and dustproof, so washing your hands or going out for a run in the rain while wearing it isn't a problem. Add to this a glare resistance display and you can read the time and Facebook updates in any weather.

Along with the touchscreen, it also has an easily accessible button on the side for quick locking and unlocking.

Despite its simple design, it's quite customisable with several different faces to choose from and a selection of straps, so you won't end up wearing the same watch as everyone else.

Along with the usual notifications, messages and calls, it also includes a number of apps from the Google Play store so you can monitor your fitness levels or play your music.

What you need: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above

What we love: Its affordable pricetag, compatability with Android phones and waterproof features

We say:  "This highly customisable android compatible Smartwatch can be paired to your Android phone with a single touch via NFC. 

View the Sony Smartwatch 2 here


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