4 reasons wearable tech could change your life

2014 is set to be the year of tech which we strap to ourselves - here´s how devices such as Google Glass and Galaxy Gear can make your life easier

03 Oct 2013


Whether you think it's the future or a fad, wearable tech is shaping up to be the next big thing.

Samsung has already launched its Galaxy Gear smart watches, Google Glass is on its way next year and Apple is rumoured to be launching its iWatch at some point in the near future.

Yep, 2014 is set to be the year of tech which we strap to ourselves rather than plonk on our desk.

Tech consultancy Canalys reckons as many as five million smartwatches could be sold in 2014, while Gartner says the wearable computing market could be worth as much as £6.5bn ($10bn) by 2016.

But apart from making you look like James Bond or an apprentice Nathan Barley, how can wearable tech make your life easier?

1) Check your messages and calls from your wrist and keep the boss onside

Day One Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch On Wrist At IFA

Have you ever been busted trying to read a text on your phone in the middle of an important meeting? It's even more cringe-worthy than the withering look that came your way when the message alert went off. Smartwatches are helping put distance between us and such wincing embarrassment by allowing us to check messages from our wrist.

Take the Samsung Galaxy Gear; it will work with your Samsung Galaxy phone so you can see incoming calls or texts without having to pull your phone from your pocket, helping you keep both your boss and other half happy. Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear at IFA Berlin in September, we were - of course - there to give you the full scoop.

2) Get to where you need to be when you need to be there

It took ages to get a date with that girl, so why did you leave yourself only 15 minutes to find the bar in which you arranged to meet her? She's clearly not the type to enjoy being stood-up and you're already getting in a sweat over it, but don't worry - cause wearable tech is here help out. You may know Google Glass as those funny-looking futuristic specs worn by Rajesh from The Big Bang Theory on the red carpet at this year's Emmys. But as well as many other things, Google Glass could help you get to your date on time.

Expected to launch next year, the specs connect to the web and allow you to do loads of cool things such as shoot video, take photos, browse the web and get directions, they respond to voice commands too. So when you're lost and getting in a panic, or want to snap a photo, all you have to do is ask. If you want to know more check out our Google Glass: Everything You Need to Know blog.

3) Make this year the one you keep that resolution to get fit


The post-Christmas fitness kick will soon be upon us, but with dark nights, biting winds and the January blues to contend with seeing it through takes a stronger man than me. Find some encouragement with a fitness band that measures your performance and inspires you to push that little bit harder - even in the driving rain. A recent survey found two in five people had heard of fitness bands such as Fitbit Flex, but how many know what they actually do?

Fitbit Flex

The band sits on your wrist and helps tracks the steps you take and distance you cover as you go about your daily business. Whether sweating your way through a run or taking a leisurely stroll to the office, it counts the calories you've burned. For those days where you're lacking motivation, flashing lights on the wristband show how you've improved on your previous best. Designed to be worn all day and night, it monitors your sleep and can even be worn in the shower.

4) Remember precious moments as you saw them

Google Glass

(Credit: AP)

The first time you danced with your new wife at your wedding, how it felt when you skydived from a plane for the first time. Landmark moments such as these need to be remembered, but how about being able to see exactly what you saw when it was happening? The way your wife kept blushing and looking at the floor as you took the first tentative steps of your wedding dance, a patchwork quilt of field emerging through the clouds. With Google Glass you can do exactly that. It allows you to film hands-free, capturing every moment, every nuance and immortalising it on film forever.

Would you use wearable tech for any of the above? Let us know what you think in the comments below…



We got our hands on something special today - a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more exciting news!