5 reasons your phone deserves a smartwatch

Thinking of buying a smartwatch but unsure if it’s just a fad? Here’s how you can use it to get the most from your smartphone...

12 Feb 2016


Smartwatches make a great accompaniment to your phone – but do you really need one?

In fact, the two are actually designed to work together. Set it up right, and your watch can work in harmony with your smartphone – saving you time and effort.


Here are 5 advantages of pairing your phone with a watch:

1. Hands-free messaging

How many times have you found yourself rushing around after the sound of your phone’s ringtone, only to pick up just as it rings out?

A smartwatch keeps you connected at all times, so you’ll never miss an important call or text again – even if your phone is on silent in your bag. With it you can:

  • respond to messages directly, without using your phone
  • access your social media accounts from your wrist – see your Facebook notifications and Instagram ‘likes’ as they happen
  • screen incoming calls and decide whether you want to answer – great if you’re at dinner or in a meeting


2. Personal assistant

Want an easy way to stay on track of your schedule? Turn your smartwatch into your very own personal assistant by syncing it with the calendar on your phone. With it you can: 

  • get reminders when it’s time for a meeting or appointment
  • set up to-do lists and check them off
  • use voice search functions like Cortana, Ok Google or Siri to get accurate information whenever you need it – just by speaking into your watch

Or use it as your morning alarm to gently wake you up by vibrating on your wrist – rather than those harsh alarm tones you get on your phone.


3. Fitness

Health apps like MyFitnessPal are a useful way to keep on top of your day-to-day health. But getting your phone out every time you finish a meal to log the calories is a nuisance – and you can easily forget.

With a quick touch of your wrist, you can use your smartwatch as an easy way to record your food and water intake throughout the day.

Or if you want to track exercise sessions without lugging your phone around with you, use the built-in GPS on your watch. Map runs or bike rides with an app like RunKeeper and see a breakdown of stats on your phone when you get home.

See our pick of the top fitness apps for smartwatches


4. Get directions

Waving your phone in the air trying to follow directions isn’t the smoothest way to get around a new city – and puts you at risk of dropping it or having it stolen.

For more subtle directions while you’re out and about, try using the GPS on your smartwatch. With it you can:

  • get step-by-step directions using the Google Maps app
  • work out where you are by zooming in or out to see your location in full
  • avoid wrong turns – the watch vibrates when you need to take a turning


5. Control your smart home

It’s great being able to manage your smart home devices from your phone but – like any remote – you can easily misplace it.

Your smartwatch can also sync with other smart devices around your home. Use it to adjust the heating and lighting, turn up the volume on your wireless speakers and control your TV.

And because it always sits on your wrist, you always have control.


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