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Fitness & smart watches
How technology is changing cycling 18 December 2017

It’s a new year and after the overindulgence of Christmas, now is the perfect time to get back on the saddle. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, this tech can help maximise your performance…

Fitness & smart watches
Gadgets to aid your New Year fitness regime 13 December 2017

You’ve made a resolution to get fit, and right now you’re pretty pumped. Keep the motivation going and find a gadget to help you meet those new year goals…

Fitness & smart watches
5 fitness apps to keep up your resolutions 12 December 2017

There are heaps of smartphone apps designed to help you keep your fitness goals on track, but which one is right for you?

Fitness & smart watches
8 ways your fitness band can improve your routine 12 December 2017

Keep your new healthy eating and exercise regime on track with the help of a fitness tracker…

Fitness & smart watches
Fitness band or sports watch - which is right for me? 08 December 2017

Wearable tech is a great way to keep on track of your health and fitness – but how do you know which device is right for you?

Fitness & smart watches
Your guide to fitness data 05 December 2017

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the stats on your fitness tracker? Here’s how to use the data to reach your goals

Fitness & smart watches
Best running tech for beginners 05 December 2017

Kickstart 2018 by stepping up your fitness regime. From keeping track of your health to running a marathon, we can help find the right tech for you.

Fitness & smart watches
The Wareable Tech Awards 2017 round up 10 November 2017

See the winners of the 2017 Wareable Tech Awards, recognising the best wearable gadgets in the business...

Fitness & smart watches
Huawei W2 Sport 4G giveaway Ts&Cs 01 November 2017

Terms and Conditions for the Huawei W2 Sport 4G giveaway

Fitness & smart watches
LDN Muscle training hacks for the Race to the Stones 21 June 2017

Prepping for the Race to the Stones ultramarathon? Get some top tips from top personal trainers, LDN Muscle…


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