[VINE CHALLENGE] Win a Withings fitness bundle

[VINE CHALLENGE] Win a Withings fitness bundle

21 Jan 2014


We're well into the New Year and many of you out there may have promised that 2014 is the year you officially 'get fit'.

Whether you love or loath working out, there's now a vast array of gadgets out there that can help make getting fit a more rewarding experience. From simple step counters to ultra-intelligent body analysers, fitness technology is rapidly becoming the 'must-have' motivational gadget for 21st century living.

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The Withings Pulse Activity Tracker is a handy 8-gram smart tracker that helps monitor your daily activity as well as measuring your heart rate and sleep patterns. It's small enough so slip into your pocket, or you can attach it to your wrist or arm or belt using the various accessories that come in the box. Stats include steps taken, elevation, calories burned, distance travelled as well as sleep duration, quality and interruptions... phew, sounds like nothing gets past this little feller!

Withings smart scales Withings don't just offer activity trackers. They've also developed  a Smart Wi-Fi Body Analyser - a fancy set of measuring scales to  you and me - that give you a one-stop, holistic view of your health  and progress. 

But these are actually more than just a 'scale'. They monitor your  body fat percentage, which can be tailored specifically to you by  selecting an accurate body composition model, i.e. if you exercise  vigorously on a regular basis, switch to "Athlete mode". They also  measure heart-rate and even your carbon dioxide and temperature  levels, notifying you when it's time to let in some fresh air. Now  that's smart!

All this is of course synced up to Withings' smart app, 'Health Mate', which is available free on Android and iOS, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which means you can keep track of your progress while you're on the go.


Competition time! 

This competition has now closed. We asked you to get creative and show us how you use technology to keep fit. Whether it was using your head-turning cans in the gym, working out your virtual 'buns' in a game or simply improvising dumbbells with external hard-drives. 

The 2 best entries would win a Withings fitness bundle, including a Withings Pulse Activity Tracker and a Withings Smart Body Analyser Scale. 











Here's how we asked you to get involved...

1) Record a Vine video to show us how you use technology to keep fit (the more creative the better)

2) Tweet your Vine to us @curryspcworld before midnight on 28/01/14

3) Make sure you include the hashtag #TechGym

Competition dates: 21/01/14 to 28/01/14 (inclusive) 

Full terms and conditions here


A big congratulations to our 2 #TechGym winners:

@PiscesCate (Cate)  Check out her Vine here:  https://vine.co/v/MuTrYgqjY1p

@spudleybean (Sara ?)  Check out her Vine here: https://vine.co/v/MBglB9Bh5Mr


Best entries...

A big thank you to everyone that took part. As a little extra 'thanks' here's a compilation of our favourite #TechGym entries - Enjoy!

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