Be your best self with the new Fitbit Versa

Fitbit’s latest health and fitness smartwatch is on its way – and it features lots of new and helpful tech. Introducing the all new Fitbit Versa…

16 Mar 2018


Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a great all-round smartwatch that’s packed with features. It tracks fitness, delivers personalised coaching and keeps you connected - all while being effortlessly stylish.


Health and fitness

Given Fitbit’s track record in producing outstanding fitness trackers, looking at the Versa’s health and fitness functionality seems a natural place to start.

And there’s loads of cool tech to cover – like personalised on-screen workouts. This nifty feature helps you fit workouts into your busy schedule by playing them on your wrist. It coaches you through each move and even adapts the workout based on your feedback, so you always have a new challenge.

The Versa tracks your activity – like steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes and calories burned – all day and lets you know how it impacts your overall fitness goals.

You can also choose from one of over 15 different exercise modes for real-time stats on your workouts. But don’t worry if you forget – SmartTrack recognises when you exercise and records it so you never miss a workout.

Fitbit Versa fitness

Other handy features include:

  • Connected GPS logs pace and distance on runs and hikes – use the Fitbit app to get a map view of your route
  • PurePulse continuous heart rate monitoring that helps you get the best from your workout by accurately tracking calories burned, your cardio fitness level and displaying your resting heart rate
  • Water resistance to 50 metres – use Swim Track to log the number of laps round the pool
  • Cardio Fitness Level lets you understand your fitness level and improve on it with a personalised Cardio Fitness Score
  • Fitness Dashboard lets you set goals, track progress and get a complete picture of your health – even nutrition, hydration and sleep are covered
  • Wireless Sync – Versa automatically syncs to computers and 200+ iPhone, Android and Windows devices with all results shown on the dash
  • Personalised reminders mean there is no excuse for losing focus – it’ll remind you to stay active, keep hydrated and rest up

Versa Sleep and wellbeing

Sleep and wellbeing

The experts at Fitbit know rest and recharge time is as important for your wellbeing as the hours spent down the gym.

The Sleep Tracker gives you helpful insights into your sleep patterns by tracking time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages. If you find keeping to a consistent routine a struggle Versa will even remind you when it’s time for bed and when to get up.

Find it hard to unwind? Then the clever Versa can use your current heart rate to deliver a personalised guided breathing session to help you relax.

Even female health is covered. Using the Fitbit app women can log their monthly cycle and record symptoms. These can then be compared against other dashboard stats – such as sleep, activity and weight – to see how it impacts on other areas of health.


Music on the go

Whether it’s on the walk to work or while running on the treadmill listening to your favourite tunes can keep you motivated. Simply connect the Versa to a pair ofwireless headphones and you can take your music anywhere.

And you’ll have plenty to choose from. Versa can store over 300 songs, and gives you 3 months free access to Deezer.

Keep connected

Keep connected

It’s not just your health and wellbeing that Versa lets you stay in control of. It keeps you connected while on the go with:

  • Call alerts
  • Calendar reminders
  • Text notifications – which you can respond to with pre-set quick replies
  • App updates from the likes of Facebook and Gmail

The versatile Versa is app-tastic too. All your favourite fitness, finance, social media and sports apps are just a tap away. Plus a few new and experimental apps from Fitbit Labs.


Always switched on

A generous 4+ battery life* means the Versa is always switched on – monitoring when you work out, rest and everything in between.


Pay from your wrist

Prefer to leave your wallet at home when you go for your run?

The Versa comes with the added benefit of an inbuilt NFC chip – so you can make payments straight from your wrist (so long as you live in Europe).

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Fitbit’s Versa combines both style and substance – designed with a super-light and slim geometric case it’s comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

It comes in a choice of finishes – like Black and Black Aluminium, Peach and Rose Gold and Silver and Grey – and the hi-res colour touchscreen can be styled for any occasion with a range of clock faces.

If you want to switch up your styling a little more then swap the classic wrist band to an accessory band (sold separately). In a choice of finishes – like metal mesh, metal links, Horween leather and more – you’re sure to find a style that suits.

Fitbit Versa black

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Looking for a stylish option?

Fitbit Versa SE

Take a look at the Fitbit Versa SE. The Versa’s more fashionable choice comes with an attractive woven strap, which you can get in a neat Lavender or smooth Charcoal finish.

The Versa SE will be available at the end of April.


*Varies with use and other factors.


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