Fitbit Blaze and HTC Underarmour at CES 2016

01 Feb 2016


Fans of fitness had plenty to be excited about at CES 2016, with lots of new activity trackers and smart tech to keep you healthy being unveiled. Two of our favourites were the new Fitbit Blaze Smart sports watch and the HTC / Under Armour UA Band. 

What is the Fitbit Blaze? 

The Fitbit Blaze is a Smart sports watch. This means it’s great for tracking your activity and helping you create a fitness routine, while still offering you Smart features designed to make your life easier. 

You’ll be able to get calls, message alerts, calendar notices, control your music, and so on, but the real benefit here is how the Fitbit Blaze helps you to maintain your desired fitness level. 

From tracking your heart rate to monitoring your sleep and activity types, the Blaze helps you see where your workout is working and which areas need more attention. 

The Blaze also links up with popular fitness apps, such as FitStar, allowing you to download workout routines and get step-by-step instructions as you exercise. 

The Blaze offers a healthy five days of battery life from a single charge, so it’s unlikely that you’ll use up the full charge during one session – unless you’re on a multi-day yomp through the wilderness. 

What can the Fitbit Blaze do? 

  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Pre-designed fitness routines to select from or download
  • Can recognize what type of activity you’re doing – cycling, walking, running, etc
  • Set exercise goals, log food, record workouts and see your progress
  • Download new watch faces to suit the occassion
  • Water resistant to protect it from sweat and light rain 

What is the UA Band? 

Under Armour have been building quite a strong base of fitness products, clothing and apps, and this collaboration with HTC marks the two companies’ first activity tracker. 

The UA Band works in conjunction with UA’s suite of fitness apps, letting you monitor your activity levels and take tabs on your health. 

The band contains heart rate sensors so you can track your heart beat during exercise and during normal activities. You can also pair the band with a heart rate strap to monitor your heart beat via your chest instead. 

You’ll be able to buy the UA Band on its own, but it’s also available in a deluxe HealthBox edition. This comes with the Band, plus UA Scale and UA Heart Rate chest strap. All three have Smart features design to compliment each other and help you maintain optimal fitness. 

What can the UA Band do? 

  • Track daily activity and sleep
  • Monitor different types of workout, including running, walking, cycling and weightlifting
  • Lets you know if you haven’t been active for over 60 minutes
  • Additional activities can be added via the UA Record app
  • Battery life lasts between five to seven days
  • Connects to other UA apps and devices, such as UA Connected Scales and MyFitnessPal 

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