Gadgets to make getting fit in 2014 that little bit easier

Keen to get fit after gorging yourself on chocolate and party food? Check out our top gadgets to help banish your Christmas tummy

Keen to get fit - and banish your Christmas tummy - after gorging yourself on chocolate and party food?

Aren't we all?

Woman Running

Bearing this in mind we've gathered our favourite gadgets to help keep your New Year fitness regime going long after those of friends and family have fizzled out.

All you need now is to dig out your most fetching Lycra and a compilation of Eye of the Tiger-esque rabble-rousing tunes.

TomTom Nike + SportWatch

It can be difficult to muster the enthusiasm to go running when it's dark outside and sleeting with rain. But what about if you had your own personal motivation coach, right there on your wrist? The TomTom Nike + SportWatch will track your run, telling you the distance you've covered and the calories you've burned without the cheesy Mr Motivator chat.

Compare your latest runs to previous ones to see how you're improving, and set alarms to remind you when a run is due in case you, ahem, forget.  'Cause it has GPS built in you can also map out routes, and it'll know exactly where you are at any point along the way just in case you get so lost in the moment you end up, well, lost.

And if you want to get even more tech, you can buy a special pair of Nike shoes with a sensor which further enhances the features of the watch.
Where's my motivation? There on your wrist.  

Fitbit One

Fitbit One

Exercising and relaxing may be polar opposites but how about a gadget clever enough to help you with both? Try the Fitbit One - a wristband which monitors your fitness levels during the day and your shut-eye when you go to bed.

A T3 Awards finalist, it's a tiny fitness monitor which is designed to "turn fitness into a lifestyle" according to Fitbit.

It clips on your belt loop and monitors how many calories you burn and steps you take as you go from home to the office - so much better inspiration for taking the stairs than a smug colleague saying 'it'll do you good' as they breezily jog past you and up them two at a time.

The One hooks up to a smartphone app so you can monitor your progress.

Apple iPod nano

I Pod Nano

Running without tunes is like strawberries without cream. Odds on that whatever fitness gadget you buy you'll be using it alongside your iPod or - if you're a retro hipster - Walkman.

But what about an iPod that also works as a fitness gadget? That's exactly what Apple has done with its latest iPod nano.  

The seventh-generation nano holds as many as 4,000 songs and is pretty tiny (just 5.4mm thick, with a 2.5inch screen).

But as you're pounding the pavement with a head full of hip-hop the clever little nano - clipped to your shortest of short shorts - is also recording how many calories you are burning.  

Which gadget helps you keep fit? Tell us in the comments below...