Set your wanderlust free with these twelve bucket list activities

It’s January – what better time to take on a new challenge in the form of an exciting bucket list activity?

14 Feb 2019


Bucket lists aren’t exactly a new concept. Almost all of us are familiar with the notion that we should get up, explore, and see the world with the precious time we have.

In honour of this – and with New Year’s resolutions still doing the rounds – we’ve teamed up with Samsung to rejig the idea slightly. Why not see far-flung regions of the world and work up a healthy sweat while doing so?

That’s the premise of our Bucket List Burner: see new places and get fit in 2019. Better yet, we’ve picked a destination for every month of the year, so you can’t level the excuse that you don’t have the time!

Samsung Bucket List Burner

How about taking on a half-marathon in Norway and seeing the Northern Lights? Or going Gorilla trekking, your heart rate spiking as you scale the hills of Rwanda’s national park? Or scratching the itch to take on the Camino, the world-famous Spanish pilgrimage?

Our Burner tells you the average number of steps you’ll need to take, the calories you’re looking at burning, and a delicious local delicacy you can enjoy afterwards.

Our methodology

Interested in the methods to our madness? You asked…

…Our data is based on an individual who weighs 160lbs and walks an average of 2,000 steps a mile.

To calculate the step counts and calories burned completing each activity, we used the calculators below:

  • Verywellfit to calculate average step counts for various activities (hiking, skiing, running, etc)
  • The Verywellfit calculator to calculate calories burnt
  • to turn steps into miles

Finally, the calories contained in local dishes were sourced from My Fitness Pal and Nutritionix.

Set your wanderlust free

The Bucket List Burner has something for everyone: be it the restless adventurer or the deskbound office worker who dreams of seeing new cities.

No matter who you are, don’t underestimate the utility of getting up and exploring the world. Experts say it’s good for our health – and even our creativity. Did you know that tackling new environments forces our brain to stretch, like a piece of elastic?

The Bucket List Burner was created in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy Watch, your all-in-one fitness assistant. It’s designed to keep pace no matter where you travel, with sleep monitoring tools to help you stay refreshed.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch adventure travel

Got a busy day ahead? Get access to a daily briefing - including weather information – so that you’re never out of sync.

And if you’re worried about carrying valuables, don’t worry: the watch acts as your phone and your wallet so you can leave your cards somewhere safe. This is the smarter way to stay connected – even when you’re off the grid. 

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