Stay healthy the smart way with Nokia Steel

Simple. Smart. Sleek. The Nokia Steel is a smartwatch for the fashion conscious – understatedly elegant but packed with clever tech.

02 Jan 2018


Nokia Steel

In a nutshell: Style meets smartwatch technology – the perfect watch for the discerning technophile

nokia steel

Nokia has drafted in the help of high-end fashion designers to come up with a smartwatch that works as well with a tuxedo as it does your speedos. Top quality materials combine with a high-tech fitness tracker to bring you the best of both worlds.

What’s more it couldn’t be easier to use – there’s no charging and no buttons to press. Steel automatically tracks everything thanks to Nokia’s patented Connected Movement technology – it even syncs it to the Health Mate app to give you in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more.

Highlights include:

  • Monitors steps, distance and calories – helping you to keep on track with your fitness goals
  • Automatically detects when you doze off – monitors sleep patterns and gently wakes you with Smart Wake-up
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Waterproof to 50 metres – keeps track of distance swum and calories burned
  • 8-month battery life

Discover the Nokia Steel – available in black and black or black and white


Nokia Steel HR Fitness Watch

In a nutshell: Smart in more ways than one – its clean, classic lines mean it’s as at home in the office as it is in the pool

nokia steel hr

The Nokia Steel HR is easy on the eye and easy to use. Work, run, swim and socialise without having to change watches.

While other smartwatches on the market come equipped with bright flashing lights and fiddly buttons, the chic Nokia Steel HR is understatedly cool.

Whether you’re hitting the running track or the dance floor, the Nokia Steel automatically detects and records activity, so you don’t have to.

It features an integrated heart rate monitor, step, distance and calorie tracker that syncs with the Health Mate app on your Android or iOS device. Via the app you can access detailed information on your progress – as well as getting coaching tips and unlocking rewards as you reach fitness goals.

Rest is as important to your wellbeing as fitness – which is why the Nokia Steel HR automatically monitors your sleep patterns and uses a Smart Wake-up system to silently rouse you from your slumber without disturbing anyone else.

Other highlights include:

  • View smartphone messages and notifications – perfect for those who spend life on the go
  • Water resistant to 50 metres – shower or swim with this versatile watch
  • Up to 25 days battery life from a single charge
  • Automatically resets itself as you change times zones – ideal for frequent fliers

Check out the Nokia Steel HR in black


Nokia Steel Rose Gold

In a nutshell: Look and feel your best – enjoy the practicality of smart tech with the style of a luxury wrist watch

nokia steel rose gold

You needn’t sacrifice style in favour of substance. Nokia’s limited-edition Steel Rose Gold features smartwatch tech with high-end craftsmanship.

The corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel case shines with a rose gold coating and is completed with a silicon sports strap.

On top of this it offers all that you’d expect from a premium smartwatch:

  • Automatic monitoring of steps, distance and calories
  • Wirelessly syncs via Bluetooth with your Android or iOS device
  • Compatible with the Health Mate app – monitors, coaches and rewards you for reaching fitness goals
  • Sleep monitor with Smart Wake-up that wakes you with a silent alarm
  • Water resistant to 50 metres
  • 8-month battery life

The Nokia Steel Rose Gold will be available soon. In the meantime, see the full Nokia Steel range.


Nokia Body, Body+ and Body Cardio smart scales

In a nutshell: Get the most out of your Nokia Steel and stay on target with a set of Nokia smart scales

nokia body scale

Whether you want to just keep track of your basic body stats or need something that gives you daily coaching, Nokia has a set of smart scales to suit.

Simple and easy to use, the Nokia Body BMI Smart Scale provides on-screen feedback on your weight management, and syncs the information with your smartphone - so you know exactly how your exercise programme is working.

And thanks to Precision Control technology they’re accurate to within 0.2lbs.

These smart body scales sync with the Health Mate app – you’ll be able to set reminders, use charts, check your timeline and even earn badges as you hit your targets.

Try the Nokia Body BMI Smart Scale

nokia body+

Need a little more insight? Then check out the Nokia Body+ Body Composition Smart Scale.

A full body composition uses weight, water percentage and body fat information as well as bone and muscle mass to help you build up a complete picture of your progress.

It syncs with the Health Mate app and can also be paired with over 100 other apps to help you keep tabs on your diet, activity levels and general health.

Find out more about the Nokia Body+

nokia body cardio

The top of the line Nokia Body Cardio Heart Health & Body Composition Smart Scale offers all the same great features as the Nokia Body+ with the addition of being able to track your heart rate.

The Nokia Body Cardio uses the speed of your heart rate to check if your arteries are stiff which could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If the wave rate is higher than ideal, the scale and app will help you to improve your diet – for example, by reducing intake of salty foods – lowering the health risk. 

Discover the Nokia Body Cardio


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