Tackling your health levels with technology

Monitor your exercise, diet, blood pressure and sleep with devices connected through a single app.

Withings builds smart devices around health. Its devices let you better understand your body and lifestyle, helping you make changes to improve your health. 

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Withings devices can help you:

  • monitor how many steps you take and set targets to exercise more
  • set weekly weight-loss targets and chart your progress on a graph 
  • understand the quality of your sleep

Bringing it all together - the app

The Withings Health Mate app is at the core of everything. It gives you a comprehensive overview of your health, pulling in data from the different devices, to show: 


  • Wellness butterfly: Your weight, activity, sleep and heart rate are shown side by side in a colour chart
  • Weekly stats: How many steps you have taken, how much sleep you have had, how much weight you have lost 


  • Graphs: Graphs showing the quality of your sleep overnight, changes in your weight over weeks and months, increase in your exercise


The Withings devices

Manage your weight - Smart Body Analyzer

Why it's important: If you are overweight or obese, losing weight can reduce your risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes - NHS

Looking to lose weight or maintain your current shape? These internet-connected scales wirelessly sync with your smartphone so you can see how your weight is changing in real time.

Work out whether you're a healthy weight for your height with the body mass index (BMI) tracker, and what % of your body weight is fat.

The scale works for the whole family too, with the ability to create 8 individual profiles.


How it works with the app: Once you weigh yourself the data is automatically sent to the app. You can plot it in a graph to view how your weight changes over time. Have your target weight broken down into weekly targets.

Get more exercise - Pulse 02 activity tracker


Why it's important: Whether walking briskly or jogging around the park, everyday exercise is important. The NHS has specific guidelines outlining how much exercise you should take

Seeing the positive results of your exercise can give you the motivation to keep going - particularly in winter.

Wear the Withings Pulse 02 to see how many steps you have taken, how much distance you have covered and how many calories you have burned.


The small, stylish device can be worn like a watch in a wristband, or slipped into your pocket. It has a tiny screen for displaying key information. 


When out running you can get instant updates on how long you have been running and what distance you have covered. It also measures your sleep and can take your heart rate.


How it works with the app: Your exercise data will be transformed into easy-to-read graphs. See how you improve over time. Set targets and be rewarded when they're achieved.

Improve your sleep - Aura Smart Sleep System


Why it's important: Poor sleep over a sustained period can lead to problems including fatigue, sleepiness, poor concentration,

lapses in memory, and irritability - Sleep Matters

The Withings Aura Smart Sleep System monitors and rates the quality of your sleep as well as working to actually improve it.

Sleep is broken down into different stages. To have good quality sleep you need to spend enough time in each of these stages - light, deep and REM. The Aura can help you understand how long you are spending in these stages.

It comes in 2 parts - a sleep sensor that sits beneath your mattress, and a lamp that sits on your bedside.

The lamp uses light and sound to help you fall asleep and wake more naturally - at the right time for your body clock. The sensor records how your movements, breathing and heart rate affect your quality of sleep.


How it works with the app: data is sent to the app while you're sleeping. Time spent in deep sleep, how long you slept, how many times you woke up are plotted onto easy-to-read graphs.



Monitor your blood pressure - Arm blood pressure monitor


Why is it important? Consistently high blood pressure (140/90) can increase your risk of developing heart problems - NHS


Blood pressure is something usually checked by a doctor or a nurse.


But with the Withings arm blood pressure monitor you can take a reading from the comfort of the sofa.

The device is wireless so there are no trailing wires or cables to worry about. The monitor meets European medical device regulations.


How it works with the app: When you take your blood pressure the results are instantly sent to the app. Your latest readings are plotted alongside past ones in a chart to give you an idea of your blood pressure over time. You will be given instant feedback on your blood pressure levels.

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