Uncover the Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch

Looking for a wearable that’s useful for a bunch of your daily activities? Go for a smartwatch that does it all…

22 Jan 2019


Life’s complicated enough without having to keep track of all of your clunky devices. That’s why you need tech that’s both functional and great looking – like the the Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch. Strap it on to your wrist, and go about your day with all the vital tools you need.


Keep fit with Fossil

Your old fitness tracker got you this far, and for that we’re grateful – but it’s time to smash your personal best. How? Well for starters you can easily track your speed with its inbuilt GPS. And for those moments when you need a little extra motivation, you’ll heart the Explorist’s heart rate monitor – right there on the screen.

It’s even swim-proof, so if you thought that post-workout dip in the pool wouldn’t count towards your results, think again. The Explorist is with you every step and stroke of the way.

Fossil Q Explorist Smartwatch in Black Silicone


Stay connected wherever you go

Let’s face it - there will be times your phone is out of reach. Whether you’ve left it in downstairs, or you feel awkward checking it during a wedding ceremony, the Explorist makes sure you never miss a notification again - regardless of what operating system you’re using.

Sync it with your phone via Bluetooth and you’ll get alerts for texts, calls, emails and apps straight on your wrist. Keep connected while everyone around you assumes you’re just checking the time.

And an assistant wouldn’t be an assistant without the Virtual Assistant feature. Simply say ‘OK, Google’, and ask for a weather forecast, set reminders, or get directions. Popping abroad? It’ll automatically update to match your time zone – so you can get a head start on adjusting to your new surroundings.

Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch in Smoke Steel


Download Google Pay and other apps

Full pockets on your morning run can really weigh you down and affect your performance. With the Explorist you can add ‘wallet’ to the list of things you can leave at home. Reward yourself with a post-jog coffee, and pay for it with your smartwatch. It’s compatible with NFC, so all you need to do is wave your smartwatch over a contactless card machine, and payment complete. 

We know what you’re thinking: ‘What about all my precious apps?’ Don’t fret, you can download apps directly onto the Fossil Explorist. Whether it’s streaming your top tunes, ordering an Uber or crushing confection on your commute – you’ll enjoy all the fun at the flick of your wrist.

Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch in Blue & Silver Leather

The Explorist’s exceptionally good looking

The Explorist looks as good as it operates. The whole face of the smartwatch is touchscreen, so you can access all of your favourites apps with a tap.

There are three gorgeous straps available: blue & silver leather, smoke stainless steel and black silicone. But you’re not bound to these. If you fancy mixing things up to match your style, both the strap and watch face are interchangeable. It’ll feel like having a brand new watch, already pre-loaded with everything that makes you tick.


Buy the Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch in Blue & Silver Leather, Smoke Stainless Steel and Black Silicone.


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