Which Fitbit is right for me?

Confused by all the different fitness trackers? With features aplenty you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for those just starting out or well-seasoned runners. Here’s the run down…

Fitbit Charge 2

If you know someone who wears a fitness tracker there’s a good chance it’s a Fitbit.

Fitness trackers are worn on your wrist, recording how many steps you take and how much distance you cover – and some of the most popular ones are made by Fitbit.

With several models all offering different features – there’s a Fitbit for everyone. Find out which is right for you…


More than just a fitness tracker

In a nutshell: Fitbit’s smartwatch with personalised health and fitness guidance alongside additional convenient features

Fitbit Ionic

Like the idea of a watch that does it all? From monitoring your exercise to making contactless payments – the Fitbit Ionic is built to multitask with a four-day battery life.

Don’t worry about forgetting your wallet or phone – you’ve got all you need strapped to your wrist:

  • Quick and easy contactless payments
  • Stay in touch with phone notifications
  • Store up to 300 songs to keep you pumped during your workout
  • Download third-party apps such as music and weather forecast services

Fancy a personal trainer? The new Coach app has over 40 workouts to keep you motivated. Get accurate heart rate readings and long-term insights about your health through new sensors.

You won’t need your phone to track your run or bike ride – it has inbuilt GPS. And for you swimmers – the Ionic counts your laps with water resistance up to 50m.

Check out the Fitbit Ionic


Unique looks, same Fitbit feel

In a nutshell: The Fitbit Versa is an entry-level smartwatch, packing all the punch of the standard version while being lighter on your wallet.Fitbit Versa

Monitor what’s going on with your body, whatever your activity level. The Fitbit Versa has heart rate monitoring to check your vitals. It’s also got a four-day battery life, so you won’t have to keep stopping to recharge.

Build your training programmes as you get fitter by feeding stats from 15 different exercise modes into your smartwatch. Boost your motivation by using its in-built GPS to track your pace and distance, which lets you see your speed and the kind of mileage you’re racking up.

Working out doesn’t have to mean missing out – stay connected by easily picking up calls and replying to texts whether you’re in a spin class or jogging round your local park.

And if you’re looking to ramp up the style factor, the limited-edition Fitbit Versa Special Edition has a cool lavender or silver strap that gives you style versatility – it won’t look out of place at work, the gym or out on the town.

Check out the Fitbit Versa in Lavender


Get the best from your gym sessions

In a nutshell: Fitbit’s most popular tracker with multi-sport mode setting to track everything from running to weights

Fitbit Charge 2

Whether you’re looking to break into fat burning mode or simply want to increase your overall fitness levels, the Fitbit Charge 2 provides all the stats you need to measure your progress.

From lifting weights to stretching out on the yoga mat, you can track specific types of exercise to help you understand which workouts work best for you.

Get the best from your performance with the built-in heart rate monitor. Use its readings to adjust your pace when you need to – from stepping up the intensity to taking it down a notch.

Out for a run? Link up to your smartphone GPS for accurate pace distance and route mapping.

Check out the Fitbit Charge 2


Reach your goals in style

In a nutshell: Stylish and slim-line, the Fitbit Alta HR tracks your heart rate and looks great too

fitbit altaA key indicator of cardiovascular health is your resting heart rate – using a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor - such as the Fitbit Alta HR can help you see the impact your workouts are having on your overall health. 

The PurePulse technology makes it easier for you to reach your weight loss goals too. It measures how hard your heart works so you get a better measure of the number of calories you’ve burned.

You can even make a fashion statement with your fitness tracker – choose from leather, metal or even designer straps to get the look you want.

Get the Fitbit Alta HR


Get motivated and on the right track

In a nutshell: Slimline and budget-friendly, this Fitbit Alta is a great gadget for those just starting out their fitness journey and in need of a bit of motivation

fitbit alta

It records steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned - which helps you see where you can make improvements to your lifestyle.

This lets you set targets to aim for, like mini-goals of doing 250 steps per hour - it even congratulates you when you achieve something you've programmed

There is a SmartTrack feature that knows when you're doing exercise and records it for you automatically, making it easier for you to review your progress.

This splash proofslimline edition also connects to your smartphone, giving you updates and notifications when you're on-the-go via its clear OLED tap display.

Check out the Fitbit Alta


Look the part with a sleek (smart) watch

In a nutshell: Fitbit Blaze looks like a watch but does a lot more than your average fitness trackerfitbit blaze

Like the idea of a fitness tracker that looks and works like a watch?

The Fitbit Blaze is part fitness gadget/part smartwatch. As well as helping you get fit, it can keep you organised too.

From the moment the silent alarm gently wakes you, to climbing into bed at night – Blaze works hard to monitor your daily activity.

Record everyday stats like steps, distance and calories burned – from walking and running to cycling. Get the lowdown on your performance with the built-in heart rate monitor.

Blaze is more than just a fitness tracker though – notifications like calls, texts and calendar alerts will keep you plugged into your day like a regular smartwatch. Plus it looks great in a sleek finish, with interchangeable bands to suit your style.

Get the Fitbit Blaze


Get a good night’s sleep with Fitbit

Want to not only track the amount and quality of sleep you get as well as improve it? With Fitbit’s new Sleep Schedule feature you’ll be well on your way to getting the optimum night’s sleep. 

It’s available on the Fitbit app now and works with all Fitbit devices that can track sleep. With it you can:

  • Set personalised sleep goals, using your sleep data to make sure you get the right amount of sleep
  • As well as bedtime and wakeup targets. Your device can remind you of these or use a silent alarm to gently wake you up at the right time
  • See how you’re progressing with your sleep schedule history


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