Five Gadget Show favourites

It’s the time of year when Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry and co. can finally sit down with a cup of tea, as hundreds of removal men load up millions of pounds worth of tech into vans. The Gadget Show Live 2011 is over.

For almost a week the National Exhibition Centre was choc-a-block with aisles of 3D televisions, stacks of digital cameras and throngs of gadgets lovers looking to get closer to the latest gear.

I’ve already offered a glimpse of what’s worth getting excited about in the world of gaming and tablet computers, but there were plenty of other cool pieces of kit on show.

Here are five products I wanted to sneak past security and take home from The Gadget Show Live:


Samsung NaviBot Vacuum Cleaner
Ordinary vacuum cleaners might be functional but they don’t excite me. This Samsung NaviBot is a different matter entirely, because I could go to the pub and upon my rather fuzzy return, be greeted by clean carpets. The Samsung NaviBot works out the most efficient route around the room and returns to its base to recharge before it runs out of juice almost every time. I’m so impressed with Samsung that I’ve emailed them asking for a machine which automatically irons my shirts.


JVC Everio 3D camcorder
If like me, you watched Avatar at the cinema with your 3D glasses on and thought “I could do that”, then you’ll understand why I rate this JVC Everio 3D camcorder so highly. OK, so maybe you’ll lack all the make-up needed to create a fictional world, but you can still shoot birthdays, nights out and family occasions with the third dimension. I like that you can watch the films in 3D on the 3.5” touchscreen LCD displays without carrying glasses around. This JVC 3D camcorder is definitely part of the future of filming.


Dyson Air Multiplier 12-inch Desk Fan
Dyson works hard to maintain its reputation as an innovative company and this desk fan literally blew me away. Regular fans operate with blades and can make you feel like you’re being buffeted with air. But the Dyson Air Multiplier has no blades to speak of – cool air just seems to flow from the middle of an empty circle. There’s a slider for you to adjust the strength of the air flow from the fan, which is ideal for awkward people like me who deem ‘high’ to be too strong and ‘medium’ insufficient on many desk fans.


TomTom Go Live 1000 GPS Satnav System
Maybe it was just the chastising thought of taking on Britain’s motorway network at rush hour, but the TomTom Go Live 1000 fascinated me. This TomTom has IQ Routes technology, which works out the quickest path for you to take depending on the time of day and expected traffic. The satnav has a really sleek interface and I was amazed at how quick it loads up. Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck in traffic while your satnav slowly ponders a new route? I cheekily plotted my route home on the display device and now I want one full time.


LG LW550T LED television
What’s a celebration of sweet pieces of tech without a massive television? I saw the LG LW550T and instantly wanted one for my living room, bedroom and bathroom. With models coming as big as 55”, this LED TV shows Full HD pictures and even offers Cinema 3D TV. What really sweetened the 3D for me was the prospect of seven pairs of 3D glasses being thrown in for free. So if you want to get your mates around to watch the big match, you don’t have to take it in turns enjoying the 3D pictures.

Did you go to The Gadget Show Live? What technology caught your eye? Comment below…