Five things we learn´t at CES 2011

11 Jan 2011


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always an interesting barometer of what's coming in technology and CES 2011 was no different. We pounded the shag carpets of the tech convention to determine the five biggest trends of the year and we've rounded them up after the break from the tyranny of the touchscreen to the Android invasion and beyond. Read on to find out where technology is heading in 2011…

2a. CES 2011- Carving the future of tablets.jpg

1. The Tablet is the new gadget king
There were hundreds of tablets revealed during CES 2011, all chasing after the massive market that's been opened up by the iPad, from a brace of Asus Eee Pad tablets to the Blackberry Playbook and Motorola's impressive selection of Android tablets. But with the iPad 2 already on the horizon, the new army of tablets could be out of date before they arrive.

2. The smartphone is dead, long live the superphone
Smartphones with better screens, longer battery life and dual-core processors are arriving in their droves creating a new class of phone that is taking mobile internet and apps to the next level. Smartphone isn't really grand enough for this new class of Android phones so why not call them superphones (hint: a lot of people already are).

3. Celebrities are on the tech bandwagon
Polaroid Grey unveiled by Lady Gaga 2.jpgCelebrities were out in force during CES 2011. Lady Gaga was promoting Polaroid, Olivia Wilde and Piers Morgan were talking up Blackberry and inevitably a selection of hip hop heads were there to follow in the footsteps of Beats by Dre with 50 Cent chief among them with his own headphone line.

4. Android is going to be everywhere
While we've grown used to Android phones, the open-source Google mobile operating system is colonising tonnes of tech from the Samsung Galaxy Player, an iPod touch rival, to car stereo systems, fridges, cars and more. If you're buying a gadget in 2011, there's a good chance you'll find a version with Android built-in.

5. Cars are the next gadget frontier
Technology in cars has been getting cooler and cooler in recent years but at CES 2011 it really took off with the Ford Focus Electric arriving with voice control and support for smartphone apps and Toyota Entune bringing apps to its 2011 models too.

Tell us: what did you learn from the news coming out of CES 2011?