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Geekanoids Editor, Dave Cryer, has put together a video on "Future Gadgets & Technology"… watch it here

I have been a YouTube Creator, Guru, Geek, call me what you will, for almost seven years now and have seen many advancements in the technology we all use. In particular there have been big changes in the gadgets I use to help me produce videos for YouTube.

In the early days my videos were produced on a Canon compact digital camera, sporting just 4 megapixels and very poor video capture. It was all I had access to at the time, most likely a £200 purchase back then. Fast forward to today and for that sort of investment you would get a top end compact camera that shoots full 1080P HD video. Editing the videos was fun too, with extremely long waits for a video to be ready to upload. I used to switch between the Apple Mac and Windows PC platforms a bit back in the day, before settling on my love for Apple. Even though a Windows based PC is just as capable for video work, my Mac just seemed the right choice and I have stuck with it. After my videos were made back in 2006, there was another long wait for the file to upload. Believe me, there was no super fast broadband back then.

How things have changed… the wonders of technology in 2013, just seven years later in my YouTube journey. Nowadays, I use a top end consumer camcorder, the Panasonic X900 and a Canon 5D MKIII DSLR to capture my videos. Lighting is key and long gone are the builders lights I used before, replaced with efficient LED lights. My most used computer is a Mac Mini, which exports a video ready to upload in an average ten minutes. This is followed by a five minute upload via fibre optic broadband. All this new tech gives my productions a professional edge and save me a lot of time too.

When not at my desk, I still have a computer with me all the time. My personal handheld computer, in the form of an Apple iPhone 5. The smartphones nowadays, including the likes of Google Android and Windows powered devices, allow us to not only stay in contact, but interact on social networks and even create photos & videos which can then be uploaded to our favourite websites. Looking back again to 2006, I can do more now with my iPhone and upload quicker than I could from my home computer back then.

I always wonder what the future holds. Technology is moving so fast with gadgets normally being updated on a yearly basis. It is a privilege to experience all these new & wonderful things. My brain is always ticking, conjuring up dreams of what I would like to see become a reality. Glasses that capture what we see (hold on, that is already happening), gloves that charge our smartphones, washing machines that sense what we put in them, wallets that know how much money we have, homes that automatically keep our kids and pets safe. The list goes on and on. I put together a video that you can watch here on "Future Gadgets & Technology" … please have a watch and then share with us what gadgets & technology you would like to see become reality.



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