Tired of losing web connection when you´re on the go?

If you, like 61% of us, connect to the net on the go, but are fed up with chasing around for a decent Wi-Fi connection, then here´s a handy, pocket-sized solution for you...

10 Feb 2014


From picking up work emails and responding to Facebook messages to finding our way around via Google Maps, everyday life is these days online.

Some 61% of us access the internet on the go, according to Ofcom, with more than half (53%) doing so via a smartphone.

But how annoying is it when you're out and about and can get online on your 3G-enabled iPhone but not on your Wi-Fi laptop or tablet?

Connect 5 devices at once on the go

Now, that's all changed, thanks to a new generation of MiFi hotspot  products that allow you to connect up to 10 of your devices to mobile broadband at the same time.

Using Tablet In Cafe

With the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R206 you'll have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your pocket, which means being able to carry on your online adventures when you're out shopping, on the bus, in your favourite cafe... or just about anywhere!

Consumer group Which? says: "While other mobile broadband dongles must be plugged directly into a USB port, which means you can only connect to a single PC or laptop, Mi-Fi devices are wireless, acting as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, so doesn't need a direct connection to a computer."

How many gadgets do you carry around?

This comes as the number of gadgets we carry around with us is on the rise. A survey from online security firm Sophos found people carry about three devices with them on an average day.

Smartphones are the most popular, at 85%. These are usually connected to the web via 3G or 4G, but what about laptops (65%) and tablets (48%)?

Get online on the go with a laptop, tablet and phone

Vodafone Mi Fi

Ofcom reckons some 32% of people who go online on the go are doing so via a tablet or laptop.

It is unlikely your laptop will be 3G-enabled, so you probably have to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your tablet, meanwhile, will only connect to mobile broadband if you've stumped up the extra cash for a 3G edition.

But with a MiFi hotspot you can connect them all to mobile broadband from pretty much anywhere. And you don't even have to plug it into your gadgets, unlike traditional WiFi dongles.

Simple to set up, long battery life

Just switch it on, connect them via WiFI and put the hotspot device back in your bag. You don't have to worry about your battery going flat either - as the device comes with 10 hours' battery life, and charges via a micro-USB port. 

So if you're the kind of person who leaves the house laden with gadgets and often ends up frustrated when you can only get online via your smartphone, then perhaps it's worth taking a closer look at getting your hands on a handy MiFi friend for your portable gadgets. Check out the range of MiFi products on offer.