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27 Jun 2017


Nintendo brings back the SNES

In a nutshell: Nintendo brings back the console that sold 50 million and defined the early to mid-nineties for many gamers

Consoles don’t come much more iconic than the Nintendo SNES. 16-bit gaming returns with the likes of Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, it was for many the greatest console ever.

Super Mario

Now Nintendo is offering you the chance to stroll down memory lane with the launch of a scaled-down version of the SNES. The Super NES Classic Edition, dubbed the Mini SNES, will be available from September. It’ll launch with 21 built-in games.

It comes not long after Nintendo gave similar treatment to the iconic 80s console the NES. The NES Classic Edition was launched, to much fanfare on social media, late in 2016. Nintendo has the cutting-edge Switch currently racking up sales and great reviews, so why the focus on the retro consoles?

‘We are offering Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest our classic content,’ a Nintendo spokesperson told the BBC. 

The Mini SNES will available from September 29.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

In a nutshell: Samsung creates a dream machine for Netflix binges and working on the go that’s one of the best tablets around

We first clapped eyes on this gorgeous new tablet at a Samsung launch event back in March. Since then we’ve had the chance to take a closer look, and we can tell you the Galaxy Tab S3 is the real deal and a worthy successor to the S2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The first thing that strikes you about this tablet is its design: it’s a real head turner, with a black metal finish and a back fashioned from glass. The second thing is the screen (once it’s switched on). If you’re looking for a tablet to watch sumptuous Netflix Originals like The Crown or Marvel’s Jessica Jones, this will do them justice.

Scenes will look rich and vibrant, with colours popping from the Super AMOLED screen. Netflix shows will sound great too with the unprecedented inclusion of four speakers in the tablet.  

When it comes to work and web browsing, it’s super-fast and great at multitasking – so you can be editing Google Docs while chatting away with friends on WhatsApp. It’s a notetaking dream too thanks to the inclusion of a free digital stylus. You can use the stylus to sketch and design too.

Get the Samsung Tab S3


AEG ComfortLift dishwasher

In a nutshell: Say goodbye to bending and stretching with a world-first dishwasher boasting elevator-style racks

Doing the dishes can be a hassle, even when you have a dishwasher. All the bending and stretching to load and unload. But it doesn’t have to be this way.AEG Comfort lift

AEG has built a world-first dishwasher designed to take the strain out of loading your plates. With the ComfortLift, the lower shelf can be raised from the bottom of the dishwasher to a comfortable working height ­– so when you’re loading and unloading, there’s no more bending. Simply use the trigger to raise and then lower the basket.

Ever chipped a plate when trying to pull out a dishwasher rack that doesn’t want to budge? Say goodbye to all that with racks on rails that slide effortlessly from the dishwasher – who ever thought doing the dishes could be this smooth?

Take the strain out of dishes with AEG ComfortLift

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