Hottest new tech in June revealed

The Nest Cam that can recognise friend or foe, and a smartphone from the guy who created Android. Our edit of the gadgets we currently love…

20 Jun 2017


Xbox Project Scorpio

In a nutshell: Xbox One X is the official name the console dubbed Project Scorpio – Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro

The news gamers have been waiting for all year arrived at the E3 expo in LA this month – the official launch of the console known as Project Scorpio. It now goes under a new name: Xbox One X, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it from 7 November.Xbox One X

Dubbed the world’s most powerful console, the Xbox One X will deliver true 4K gaming at a speedy 60fps to your 4K TV. It’s more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, with 12GB of RAM compared to 8GB on the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X also has faster CPU and graphics.

Has there been a better time to upgrade your TV? Xbox recommends Samsung’s flagship QLED TVs. All new Xbox One X games will also work on older HD TVs, and will offer a serious upgrade in frame rates, textures and load times.

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Apple HomePod

In a nutshell: Apple launches its own smart speaker with an emphasis on sound quality as well as on voice control

The HomePod is first and foremost a powerful speaker designed to deliver amazing high-fidelity sound. Apple Music and Siri are built in so you can access millions of songs using nothing more than your voice.


That’s because it’s got voice-control built in. Simply tell Siri what you want to listen to, or ask questions like ‘who plays drums on this?’ Tell it you like a track and it’ll remember and recommend.

At 7 inches tall, the HomePod will sit perfectly on a bookshelf.

The speaker adjusts sound levels dependent on where it’s placed in the room so you can enjoy excellent audio in any situation.

Hear your favourite artists with an authentic studio sound thanks to high-frequency acoustics and beam-forming tweeters. Bass is rich and deep too with the Apple-designed woofer.

HomePod will be available from December 2017.


Nest Cam IQ

In a nutshell: New Nest Cam can recognise family faces and uses similar technology to cutting-edge TVs

Nest Cam IQ

Keeping tabs on what goes on inside your home when you’re away has never been easier. Smart security cameras connect to your Wi-Fi and stream footage to your smartphone, so you can check in from work or poolside – 24/7.

How to keep your home safe on holiday

Nest Cam is one of the best-known smart cameras and part of a family that also includes the popular Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect smoke alarm ­ ­– is Nest right for me? 

The new Nest Cam IQ is really smart. Built ‘from the ground up’ with everything ‘state of the art’, its 4K lens with HDR uses the same technology as today’s best large screen TVs!

With it you can…

  • Accurately detect what’s moving in front of the camera ­– from border collie to burglar
  • Automatically zoom in on the burglar (or other person) and track their movement across your room
  • See the difference between friends and strangers with facial recognition (Nest Aware needed too)
  • Receive smartphone alerts if a dog barks, a window is smashed or someone speaks in your home while you’re away
  • Enjoy extra-clear, smooth video that won’t slow your Wi-Fi thanks to Supersight and 4K sensor
  • Talk to your family and pets using the HD Talk + Listen features and improved microphone and speaker

Nest Cam IQ is expected to launch in June – browse our current Nest products now

Nest IQ 

Essential Phone

In a nutshell: One of the creators of Android has launched his own Android smartphone

The Essential Phone is a new smartphone masterminded by Andy Rubin, co-creator of the Android operating system. He left Google in 2014 after playing a key role in creating Android, which has grown to become the world’s biggest mobile OS with over 2 billion monthly active devices. Now the creator of Android has created his own Android smartphone. Essential is a high-end flagship handset with a slick metal finish and top end specs.

But it also has some truly innovative features…

  • Edge-to-edge screen that reaches the top of the handset and wraps around the selfie camera
  • Titanium ceramic design tough enough to withstand being dropped or to forgo a phone case
  • Snap-on accessories like a 360-degree camera that clicks into the top of the phone via two magnetic dots
  • Better low-light photos thanks to the use of two built-in rear cameras to take in more light

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Intel Compute Card

In a nutshell: An entire PC squeezed into a slither of metal around the same size as a credit card  

We’re all walking round with relatively powerful computers in our pockets thanks to the rise of the high-end smartphone. 

But now Intel takes things a step further by packing the power of a PC into a credit-card sized device that can be slotted into everyday objects to make them smart. This could be anything from a fridge (to create a smart fridge) to a computer monitor (to create an all-in-one PC).

The Intel Compute Card puts serious power in your pocket, with options to include Intel Core i5 processors and up to 4GB RAM (that’s enough oomph to run Photoshop, to give you an idea). First announced at CES in Las Vegas in January, the Compute Card is being launched later in the summer.    

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