Hottest new tech in March revealed

Samsung tablet for super-streaming and a serious Canon camera for serious snappers getting started. Not to mention Mobile World Congress. Our edit of the gadgets we currently love…

03 Mar 2017


New tablets from Samsung

In a nutshell: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book have you covered for Amazon Prime streaming and proper work


Samsung didn’t launch a new Galaxy smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2017. But it did launch 2 new tablets: The Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab S3. Here’s the lowdown…

The Galaxy Tab S3 is the latest update to Samsung’s premium consumer tablet. It follows the Galaxy Tab S2, an Android tablet which received great reviews. The latest model promises superb video streaming and gaming experiences on its 9.7 inch AMOLED (vibrant and sharp) screen.

It’s the first HDR-ready tablet for even better contrast and colour. What’s HDR?

It looks and feels great, with premium, super-thin design – the back panel is made of glass rather than plastic.

You can enjoy…

  • Amazon Prime streaming in super-sharp 4K with 4 times the detail of Full HD
  • Vibrant colours and added detail in bright and shadowy scenes when watching HDR content on Prime
  • High-end audio – it’s the first tablet to feature quad stereo speakers tuned by AKG from Harman      
  • Jot down notes on-screen with the included S Pen

Can’t wait? Check out the Galaxy Tab S2

The Galaxy Book is focused on productivity and getting stuff done. Powerful, fast and bundled with a keyboard, it’s a high-end Windows 10 laptop shrunk into a tablet.

You can…

  • Run full desktop versions of Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs
  • Multitask smoothly across multiple apps with powerful 7th generation Intel Core i5 or Core m3 processor
  • Type on the keyboard or use the S Pen to make notes directly on your screen 



In a nutshell: A "soundstage" for your TV audio that merges incredible sound technology and clean design

70% of us prefer a TV on a stand to a wall mounted model, and although design is improving, some soundbars can still look a little clunky in their aesthetic. With a super minimalist design that "looks as if it was carved from a slab of granite", according to a Sonos designer, the PLAYABASE combines immersive sound technology with elegantly clean design.PLAYBASe

Available in black and white, the Sonos PLAYABASE sits just beneath your TV, melting effortlessly into the design of the room and allowing you to focus only on the sound. And the sound packs a serious punch too. Featuring 10 speakers in one sleek design. It also doubles as a music streaming service when you're TV is off. Not just a pretty face, eh?

The Sonos PLAYABASE is available from 4th April in black and white



Canon EOS M6

In a nutshell: Retro compact system camera that takes excellent pictures in a super compact, beginner-friendly package

Canon is a byword for quality cameras and the M6 is no exception. With portable design and excellent picture quality it’s the perfect upgrade for smartphone snappers getting serious about photography. It’s a compact system camera, which means it takes DSLR-quality pictures in a smaller, more portable package. You can also change lenses for different effects. 

Compact system camera or DSLR?

It follows up on the Canon M5, which was awarded good reviews across the board. Check out the M5


Inside the M6 you’ll find similar tech to that of Canon’s entry-level DSLRs. It’s smaller than many other CSCs because Canon has sacrificed the electronic viewfinder.

With it you can…

  • Shoot richly detailed photos thanks to the large APS-C 24MP sensor which lets in plenty of light
  • Fit it inside your pocket – it’s one of the smallest compact system cameras around
  • Fix on your subject with speed and accuracy with Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • Shoot Full HD video with smooth focus for a professional feel using Dual Pixel AF
  • User-friendly manual controls for people new to serious photography

Explore our range of Canon cameras


Smartphones of Mobile World Congress

In a nutshell: The LG G6 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium racked up the headlines in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s biggest consumer tech shows – the CES of smartphones and tablets. It takes place each year in late February.

This year, in the absence of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the biggest phones were made by LG and Sony.



The biggest feature here is an innovative split screen that can display 2 separate apps side by side. Movies look great on it too, with a wider aspect ratio (18:9) and compatibility with HDR video for vibrant colours and richer contrast.LG G6


Sony Xperia XZ

This one’s aimed squarely at Instagram photographers and video shooters. It uses tech from Sony’s Cyber-shot cameras to take better stills photos. Video-wise, it’s perfect for arty footage thanks to its ability to shoot slo-mo footage 4 times slower than other flagship phones.

Find out more about the LG G6, Sony XZ and other phones of Mobile World Congress 2017

Nokia also made big waves at Mobile World Congress with the return of the iconic 3310. Read our love letter to the Nokia 3310nokia 3310

Another Galaxy from Samsung?

Samsung normally launches its new Galaxy smartphone at Mobile World Congress. But this year it didn’t. Now we have an invite for a Samsung Unpacked event on March 29 in New York, with the title ‘unbox your phone’.

Could we be about to meet the Samsung Galaxy S8? Stay tuned to TechTalk to find out more…

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