Hottest new tech in May revealed

GoPro goes 360º and Nintendo debuts another new console – the 2DS XL handheld. Our edit of the gadgets we currently love…

24 May 2017


New Surface Pro – main features

Launched at an event in Shanghai, the new Surface Pro has loads of benefits, such as…

  • 50% longer battery life than Surface Pro 4 with up to 13.5 hours of battery
  • 2.5 times the computing performance of Surface Pro 3 thanks to 7th gen Intel Core i5 processor
  • A sharper screen and better quality than a Full HD TV for Netflix or Photoshop 
  • Easier, natural feeling sketching with the Surface Pen - tilt the laptop to shade and detail your illustrations in Studio Mode.

Surface Pro

Don’t forget: To get the best from your Surface Pro you want the Surface Pen and Typecover keyboard, sold separately  

The new Surface Pro launches June 15th – pre-order now


Amazon Fire

In a nutshell: Amazon brings the Alexa voice service to its Fire tablets

Budget tablets don’t come much better than the Amazon Fire. Now it launches new models – the Fire 7 and the Fire HD 8 ­– with the Alexa voice assistant built in. Amazon Fire tablet

They’re both thin and light tablets that fit in your palm. Amazon Prime is built in – sign up for access to millions of movies, TV shows, songs and books.


Fire 7

This 7-inch tablet costs just £49.99 but has lots of great features. Switch seamlessly between apps and enjoy 8 hours of battery life, perfect for emails and web browsing on your commute.


Fire HD 8

This one takes all of the above and gives it a bigger 8-inch screen with high resolution. Perfect for Amazon Prime, The Man in the High Castle will look incredible in Full HD – packed with over 1 million pixels.


What about Alexa?

Forget your fingertips, you can now use your voice to control your tablet with Alexa, the brains behind Amazon Echo. Simply hit the Home button on the tablet and ask your question or make your request – whether you want to play a song or get the weather forecast.

Get the Fire HD 8 or the Fire 7


Nintendo 2DS XL

In a nutshell: Nintendo’s answer to a happy medium between a Nintendo 2DS and 3DS XL

Hybrid models are popping up everywhere – cars, computers and now games consoles. Nintendo’s new 2DS XL is a mash-up of the flagship 2DS and 3DS XL consoles. So much so it’s actually quite difficult to separate which bits came from which model.

So, what’s actually new? Well, the 2DS XL is a beefed up version of the 2DS, using 3DS XL processing power and capabilities – minus the 3D gameplay.

Main features:

  • Same screen size as 3DS XL
  • Clamshell design protects both screens and easily slips into a pocket
  • C Stick for more sensitive control
  • ZL/ZR buttons for extra control options
  • Much lighter to hold

Instead of replacing the other models, the new 2DS XL is designed to nestle in between the 2DS and 3DS XL, giving you the option to mix and match features. But the best thing? You can play all existing Nintendo DS and 3DS games (minus the 3D effect) on one device. 

Nintendo is releasing two games with the new hybrid console, Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia, which is set for release at the end of July.

What about Switch? Nintendo also recently launched the Nintendo Switch – here's everything you need to know.Nintendo Switch

Acer Switch 5

In a nutshell: Acer’s new 2 in 1 is part tablet, part laptop with a fanless design for less noise and thinner design

2 in 1s are fast becoming the laptop of choice. They’re laptops that can also be used as a tablet ­– with both keyboard and touchscreen

Take Acer’s new Switch 5 – you can lift the keyboard right off the screen to use it as a tablet. Whether tablet or laptop, getting into the perfect position is easy with the clever angled kickstand, subtly included in the Switch’s design. 

The Switch 5 shows off Acer’s cool new LiquidLoop – a fanless cooling system that allows laptops to run at high power without overheating. This means they don’t need noisy fans to keep them cool.

With no bulky fan, they can be much thinner as well as quieter running. It also means the battery can last longer - up to 10 and a half hours for Switch 5.

The Switch 5 can run demanding software while travelling light thanks to its combination of fanless design with an Intel Core i5 processor. And its pin-sharp 12-inch screen makes it perfect for taking boxsets to bed.

What 2 in 1 laptop is right for me?


GoPro Fusion

In a nutshell: GoPro’s latest action cam is a 5.2K 360-degree camera that captures everything so you can frame shots in post-productionGo Pro 5

GoPro is all about going further, faster and higher, which is exactly what it has done with this newest release. While other 360-degree cameras often struggle to maintain high picture quality, GoPro Fusion shoots in 5.2K resolution. Described as being like ‘six GoPro cameras fused into one’, Fusion can capture both VR and non-VR videos and photos. It uses OverCapture or reframing to basically film everything in sight.

There’s not a huge amount of information about Fusion yet, but we do know GoPro plans to launch it later this year after extensive testing over the summer. If you want to get involved, apply for the pilot program

GoPro Fusion: everything you need to know

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