Hottest new tech in November revealed

The first Surface desktop computer, a new, more powerful MacBook Pro and Microsoft Paint in 3D. Our edit of the gadgets we currently love…

18 Nov 2016


Surface studio

MacBook Pro  

In a nutshell: The first MacBook Pro since 2015 delivers some truly innovative new features  

Apple has launched a new MacBook Pro – the first update to the high-end laptop since May 2015. The MacBook Pro has long been a favourite of creatives, designers and power users thanks to its processing and graphics oomph and minimalist style.

The updated version adds a biometric fingerprint sensor for easy access and an innovative Touch Bar to replace function keys.

It’s more powerful than before with up to 130% faster graphics for demanding tasks like video editing. Projects look incredible on the super-sharp screen, the ‘brightest, most colourful’ on a MacBook yet. Working on the go is easy to with its 14.9mm-thick design – up to 17% thinner than the previous MacBook and perfect for slipping in your bag.

But the Touch Bar is the most eye-catching addition. This thin strip of glass works like a tiny touchscreen, customising itself to suit what you’re doing at the time. Use it to…

  • Tweak volume of your speakers and brightness of your screen 
  • Change the colour of text and objects in Pages and Keynote
  • Navigate through the timeline of an entire project on Final Cut Pro

And much, much more…

Get the new MacBook ProMacBook Pro

Microsoft Surface Studio 

In a nutshell: Incredibly powerful PC that can be pressed flat against a table for designing and drawing on its screen 

Surface tablets and laptops are made by Microsoft and are among the best devices you can buy.Now it has added an all-in-one desktop PC to the line – the Surface Studio. Made with designers and other creatives in mind, it has a large 28-inch touchscreen and runs Windows 10.

The most demanding Adobe apps are a breeze thanks to powerful Intel Core i5/i7 processors, discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics and up to 32GB of RAM. 

But the hinged screen is the real sweet-spot – sharper than a state of the art 4K TV. Use it to… 

  • Press down flat against your table like a giant drawing canvas 
  • Draw, design and take notes directly onto the screen with the Surface pen stylus
  • Work up close in Illustrator or Photoshop great detail with 13.5 million pixels on screen
  • Select Adobe tools using the Surface Dial – a hockey puck sized device that interacts with the computer

The Surface Studio transforms your workspace into a creative studio, says Microsoft.

Surface studio

Surface Book with Performance Base

In a nutshell: One of the best laptops you can buy gets longer battery life and more power

Microsoft also launched a new version of its Surface Book – a powerful laptop that converts into a tablet using a clever hinge on its screen.

The original Surface Book is already among the best laptops you can buy – with powerful components, chic design and an incredible screen. In tablet mode you can take notes or design on screen with the Surface Pen stylus.

Now it gets an even longer battery life, more powerful processor and faster graphics. It has…

  • 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor for the most demanding programs
  • More than twice the graphics processing power of original Surface Book 
  • 16 hours of battery life for working from dawn ‘til dusk

Surface Book

Paint 3D coming to Windows 10

In a nutshell: Scan objects with your smartphone and work on them in Paint in 3D with new Windows 10 update

Microsoft Paint spans generations in its appeal. Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, a child or a teenager you’ve probably used it at some point. Now it gets a significant overhaul in the next version of Windows 10 with Paint 3D.

You’ll be able to take a photo of an object with your smartphone and it’ll appear onscreen in 3D. Create 3D models directly in Paint with your various brushes, and adorn with stickers of your favourite photos. 

It’s one of several 3D features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Edition update next year.

Why 3D? We’ve generally worked in 2D on computers even though we see the real word in multiple dimensions. By working in 3D onscreen to ‘capture, create and share’ it’s ‘more representative of the world in which we live,’ says a Windows blog.

Windows 10 3D

Google Daydream

In a nutshell: Smartphone-powered virtual reality for under £70 – YouTube will never the same again

2016 has been the year of virtual reality, and Google’s Daydream View is the latest VR headset to hit the shelves.

Most VR headsets work by being connected to a powerful PC or a games console but Google Daydream runs off a smartphone that you slide into the front of the headset. You’re up and running in seconds.

This means it’s less powerful than the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but it’s an excellent introduction to VR for less than £70.

It only works with Google Pixel phones, but that’s set to change soon – with other VR-ready phones to be compatible. And it’s lightweight and comfy to wear. It comes with a small hand controller for use in apps and games.

YouTube is a pioneer of VR content, working with creators to get the new format out into the world. The Daydream headset was launched alongside the new YouTube VR app, which comes built in. Use it to… 

  • Watch tons of 360° video shot on special cameras for watching through VR headsets
  • Swim with great white sharks deep beneath the ocean, explore the world of prehistoric dinosaurs or hike into the mountains
  • Search for the videos you want to watch using your voice

Experience Daydream View in the Google Shop at Currys PC World on Tottenham Court Road, London

Google Daydream

Credit: Google

Could 4K be coming to BBC iPlayer?

In a nutshell: Could we soon be watching catch-up telly in unparalleled detail?  

If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV you can already enjoy loads of content with 4 times the detail of Full HD. Now it appears the BBC iPlayer could soon be added to Netflix, Sky and other 4K content providers. Andy King, the BBC’s outgoing Head of Technology/Television Productions, told that the BBC is taking an ‘internet first’ approach to Ultra HD content.

‘So we see our first offerings with UHD/HDR, and HDR is very important, to be on the iPlayer platform,’ says King.

BBC iPlayer 

Bose QuietControl 30 headphones

In a nutshell: Headphones with noise-cancelling you can turn up and down from audio pioneers Bose

Bose makes some of the best audio kit going and now it has launched a new pair of headphones perfect for running or your daily commute.

The QuietControl 30 are noise-cancelling headphones that sit in the ear rather than over. But they’re not conventional in-ear headphones – the cables are slotted through a padded band that’s worn around the back of your head for extra stability and comfort.

Bose has decades of audio innovation to its name, and created its first noise-cancelling technology in 2000s. Since then it’s continued to develop its noise-cancelling tech to do a great job of blocking sounds from the outside word

With the QuietControl 30 you can adjust the noise cancelling capability – turning it up or down to suit. This, along with stable headband design, makes these perfect headphones for running or getting around town. 

Get the Bose QuietControl 30Bose QCQC 30

LG and Sky Q create the ultimate ultra HD partnership

In a nutshell: Buy any selected LG TV from now until 28th March 2017 and get Sky Q free for up to six months

Imagine watching the football and your favourite movies on Sky in glorious 4K ultra HD resolution on your new LG OLED 4K television. What if you could get all of that content for free?

From now until the end of March, LG and Sky are giving away Sky Q from 6 to 12 months when you purchase selected LG TVs. 

How it works:

  1. Buy one of the selected LG TVs from now until 28th March 2017
  2. Complete the claim form on the website
  3. Receive your Sky offer code within 14 days of validation

Check out the website for more details and to find out what TVs are eligible for the offer

LG has created incredible picture quality with their OLED screens. They provide exceptional contrast with the brightest whites and velvety blacks. What’s more, OLED screen technology is combined with 4K resolution – for 4 times the detail of Full HD. 

Want to know more about LG OLED TVs?

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