How to keep your tech safe at a festival

From mud to mosh-pits, dust to dancing – festivals are perilous places for your beloved phone. Read our guide to keeping it safe – whether you’re off to Glastonbury, V or Reading…

From mud to mosh-pits, dust to dancing – festivals are perilous places for your beloved tech. Read our guide to keeping it safe – whether you’re off to Glastonbury, V or Reading…

Keep your smartphone safe

Muddy Phone

1) Buy a case (or a waterproof phone). Mud, rain, spilt drinks, sweat, slips, slides and falls. Just a few of the things that make a decent case for your phone essential.Check out more mobile phone cases. Many new smartphones are actually waterproof. If you’re in the market for a new phone and you always do Glasto, something like the Sony Xperia Z3 is perfect.

2) Get it insured. You can take out specific gadget insurance, or add cover for items away from home to your contents insurance policy. Either way, it’s worth doing if you’re taking your shiny new smartphone into the festival mud.It’ll cover you if your phone is lost, stolen or broken. Find out more about insuring your phone.

3) Set it up to thwart the thieves. Make sure you have a password, passcode or fingerprint recognition set up on your smartphone. It makes phones much less appealing to a would-be thief. Additonally, register your phone with the Immobilise Property Register. It’ll place your phone on a national database, and once you report it stolen it’ll be shared second-hand traders as devices to watch out for.

4) Be careful where you recharge your battery. Only use official charging points. These offer a safe, secure place to charge your phone. Alternatively, try using the Monster PowerCard. Plug this slim, credit-card-shaped charger into your phone and hey presto – you’ll get one full battery charge. Check out the Monster PowerCard

5) Put it somewhere safe. The back pocket of your Levi’s might make your phone handy to reach when you get a call or want to take a picture. This means it’s also on display to potential pickpockets and could also fall out and onto the floor when you’re getting your stomp on in the crowd. A front pocket with a zip is much better.

6) Mosh with manners. If you’re up on a mate’s shoulders, or surfing the crowd then stuff’s going to fall out of your pockets. Let your pal hold your phone while you rock out, and then do the same for them when it’s their turn. Responsible moshing.

7)  Know where your phone is (even if you lose it). Find out where your phone is with tracking software that uses your handset’s GPS to map its location:

  • Apple: Track where your phone is and where it has been by downloadingthe Find My iPhone app (newer models have it built-in). Log into your iCloud on a laptop or tablet, or use the app on your friend’s phone.
  • Android:Lost your phone? Log into your Google account linked to the missing device (from a friend’s phone or tablet). Download the Plan B app. Your missing phone’s location will then be emailed to your Gmail.

What about your camera, headphones and wireless speaker?

Festival Tech

The below tips will help you keep safe gadgets that you’re not carrying about with you all day and all night:

1) Lock them up. The easiest solution is to lock up headphones, wireless speakers and cameras in the lock-up areas provided at all the big festivals.

2) Put a ring on it. Well not a ring, but a label with your name and address. This will make your stuff harder to sell on if it is stolen

3) Sleep with them. When it’s time to hunker down for the night, it’s worth putting your gadgets at the bottom of your sleeping bag – right by your feet.

4) Make your camera wearable. By that we mean invest in a decent camera strap – if it’s on your shoulder or around your neck, it’ll be much harder to rob than if it’s in your back pocket.

The best piece of festival advice we can give you, is if your item is valuable, sentimenally or price-wise, its probably best to leave it at home.

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