How to make your home smarter

Making your home smart isn't as hard as you think - check out our graphic guide to how people are getting started...

18 Jan 2016


Like the idea of making your home Smart but not sure where to start? 

Discover some of the most popular Smart home gadgets and their main benefits with our how to make your home smarter graphic

In the Smart home seemingly everyday gadgets like thermostats and light bulbs connect to your Wi-Fi to make life easier and more efficient

What can you do with Smart home tech?

  • control your lighting via your phone
  • be notified when windows are opened 
  • use less energy when heating your home
  • stay one step ahead of a leaky roof

Still think the Smart home is a fad? Our graphic shows how connected technology is on the rise, and why people are buying Smart tech for their homes. 


The graphic is based on the Barclays Digital Homes Report

Start your smart home adventure with our options for Smart thermostats, security cameras and lighting