Introducing the new Amazon Echo family

Amazon Echo is expanding its family with a range of products that make it even easier to set up and run a smart home.

29 Sep 2017


When the Amazon Echo launched 3 years ago, we were all wowed by its new-fangled technology. But as we know the world of smart tech moves rapidly.

So to keep up, Amazon is launching a new range of Echo products – all designed to help you better smart enable your home. Even the original Amazon Echo has had a facelift – packing more punch but in a smaller form.

All-new Amazon Echo

In a nutshell: Smaller in size, louder in volume and with a new fabric echo

The all-new Amazon Echo has shrunk in size and comes in 7 exterior finishes – including wood and fabric. Despite its size, it packs a punch. Enjoy crystal-clear high notes and deep bass through Dolby-tuned audio, a separate woofer and tweeter.


  • Enhanced audio experience – 360° omni-directional Dolby audio
  • Blends with your home’s interior – a choice of sleek finishes
  • Alexa Voice Service connection – gives you handsfree control


Echo Plus

In a nutshell: Echo but with the added benefit of a built-in smart hub.

Amazon has teamed up with ZigiBee to bring you an Echo with an inbuilt smart hub.

The benefit? It ensures all your smart home devices speak one common language and gets them working together. Bye-bye lengthy set-up processes, hello instant activation.


  • No need to purchase a separate hub for compatible devices
  • Instant setup with other smart home tech – just ask Alexa
  • All the audio and Alexa Voice Service benefits of the Echo

amazon echo plus

Echo Plus is available to pre-order now – on sale from 31 October 2017.

Echo Show

In a nutshell: With a built-in screen, the Echo Show brings a new dimension to home tech.

With the Echo Show you’d be forgiven for thinking Amazon has just added a screen to the Echo – but it’s so much more. The addition of a screen opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

Want to see who’s at the door? No problem – just sync the Show to a Ring video doorbell and you can check from anywhere in the home.

Need to call the kids down for tea? Well then say goodbye to shouting across the house with the Drop In feature. Drop In enables room-to-room calling by connecting to other Echo devices in your home.

If your friends and family have an Echo Show or the Alexa App, then you can video call each other show


  • Video call friends and loved ones – use Drop In within the home
  • Up your home security – link to a smart doorbell or CCTV system
  • Plays Amazon Video

The Echo Show goes on sale from 19 November but you can pre-order it now.

What is the range compatible with?

Amazon has teamed up with most of the well-known smart tech brands to ensure its Echo family is compatible with their products.

These include – WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Philips hue, Hive, Ring, Tado°, NETATMO and tp-link.

View the current range of Amazon Echo products.