Keep her sweet this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again and whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a hard-bitten cynic your better half will be expecting a token of your love.

07 Feb 2013


Valentine's Day is here again and whether you're a hopeless romantic or a hard-bitten cynic your better half will be expecting a token of your love.


But before you reach for your Barry White CD and the Idiot's Guide To Being A Stud, that's not the kind of token we meant.

Neither do we mean a clichéd table for dinner in a restaurant pedalling heart-shaped steaks and single-portion puddings with two spoons, or a limp bunch of flowers 'liberated' from your mum's back garden.

No, no, no.

If you want some loving from your partner this year then you're going to need to up your game - and by that we mean rocking up with a gift that's tasteful, original, and (most importantly) useful.

If these words are already part of your Facebook blurb then bully for you, if not - we've a few gift ideas that'll elevate you from pleasant partner to bona fide rock god.

Tablet of your love

Facebook - where would we be without you? With it we can tell people how we really feel without the cringing embarrassment of doing so in person. It's much easier to proclaim you fancy someone from your bedroom with a finger hovering over the un-friend button.

If the site was instrumental in evolving an awkward snog in a club to wedding bells and a pet cat then opt for a gift that allows you to serenade your sweetheart with statuses, punctuated with the odd poke (of course).

The iPad mini is great for flirting via Facebook, but she'd probably rather catch up with the girls than talk to you. The mini measures 7.9 inches, placing her social bubble in the palm of her hand and suitably sweeping her off her feet.

Speaking of feet, if mention of those 'killer heels' you bought her one Valentine's can still kill a night at 10 paces, you'll be wary of buying clothes.

That's probably wise. But even if her wardrobe is on-trend enough to upstage the hipster cast of Girls, the iPad's timeless design will be the perfect accessory. Small enough to fit in her pocket, she can even use it to buy her own shoes on the Tube home from work - perhaps those heels could one day even become a joke?

Staring so long at these pictures of you

Ah, jokes. Remember how you used to laugh? Your array of gags may these days leave her colder than a frozen haddock, so it's a good job you had a camera to capture her dazzling smile on those halcyon days.

If you really want to bring those golden days back surprise her with a new camera.

The Samsung WB150F really is the business.  Like her it's perfectly formed, combining sleek styling with the kind of tech that delivers excellent photos in a simple point and click - as effortless as it is chic. But what's really groovy about this camera is its sharing nature. The Samsung could throw a party in a phone box - it's a social animal. With built-in Wi-Fi she can send her photos to Facebook direct, or even to her smartphone or iPad. Pretty damn funky.

Great British Love-Off

When not out with the girls or berating your taste in women's shoes, your other half loves a night in front of the telly.

The Great British Bake-Off offered some serious midweek salvation last autumn, easing our weeknight blues with oodles of heavenly cakes. The show made home baking vogue again thanks to the cake-busting duo of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

Encourage your missus' flour-based revolution with a nifty Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer - really, in a far out raspberry ice colour it's about as cool as kitchen gadgets get. As happy beating as it is mixing, turn up with one of these placed nonchalantly under your arm and your ascent in her estimations will be as fast as the bake-off's up the TV ratings.

So, that brings our Valentine's workshop to an end - bring one of the above home on February 14 and you might want to dig out that Barry White CD after all (if you believe in miracles).