LG introduce the world’s thinnest OLED 4K TV at CES 2017

Live at CES in Las Vegas, LG Electronics announced an exciting collection of super thin new OLED 4K TV’s – the signature W series.

05 Jan 2017


Perfectly thin 

At just 2.57mm, these are the thinnest televisions on the planet, pretty much sitting near flush with the wall. Why did LG call them the W series? Apparently the W stands for wallpaper or window. At 65 or 77 inches, with a big, bright 4K screen, they really do feel like you’re looking through a window into another world. Rather than jutting out, they become a seamless feature, and, according to LG, it’s this innovation that’s finally going to make your television less of an obtrusive addition to your living room.


OLED leads the way 

The innovation that’s led to a TV to be this thin is OLED technology. That’s because OLED screens backlight themselves, rather than traditional LED TVs which take up a lot more room. The beautiful thing is they haven’t had to compromise on picture quality. We’re assured that the W series delivers a picture as good as, if not better than last year’s models.LG

If you want to buy a W series TV, you’re going to need a reasonable amount of wall space. Because they’re so thin, they can’t sit on a table. But there’s some good news for people worried about wall mounting. They’re so super thin and light, that they connect to your wall magnetically, using a unique new wall mounting system.


Dolby Atmos soundbars create a cinematic experience

To make a television this small and seamless, LG also needed to move the audio to a separate sound bar that sits underneath the television. This is a marvel in itself, as it features Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby and LG have worked together to bring the same audio experience that’s been rated the best in American cinemas to home theatre too. Power up the soundbar, and two tiny speakers rise from sliding panels in the top left and right. They’re a real talking point. And with one soundbar, you’ll enjoy cinema quality surround sound.

This was a real wow moment at CES. A really ground breaking change that’s going to revolutionise our relationship with something 99% of us have in our homes.


The year of the robot

LG’s announcement was more than just televisions. Robots are making a big splash this year at CES, and LG was eager to show off their new innovations. LG hub Robot and mini

First up was Home Hub, a delightful little home helper robot with big, bright purple eyes. It controls a lot of your smart tech, it can play music, remind you about things and more. And while its features are fairly similar to Amazon Echo or Google Home, it does it with personality, its eyes questioning whether you like a song or you’d like to be reminded about something.

Home Hub can control other robots in your home, like LG’s new carpet vacuum, or another new robot who mows your lawn. Here’s hoping that robot knows the difference between grass and flowers.

And it wasn’t just robots for your home. LG also introduced the new Airport Guide robot, who’ll start guiding people to their gates at Seoul’s Incheon Airport soon.


Alexa has a cool new friend

LG’s smart fridge has been around for a while now, but they’ve now added some brilliant new web features, that mean you can read recipes, play music, order groceries and more, all from the fridge door.

Knock twice on the door, and it becomes see through, so you can see what’s inside, keeping your food fresher. And the new panoramic camera inside the fridge connects to your phone through an app, helping you see if you’re short of something when you’re out shopping. The fridge even keeps an eye on use by dates, and posts alerts to the fridge door display if something’s beyond its best.

The most fun new feature is Alexa integration. Alexa is now an integral feature of your LG Fridge, so if you notice you’re short of milk, you can ask Alexa to add it to your Amazon Fresh order.

The entire LG Home appliance range is going to have Wi-Fi connectivity from 2017, so having a conversation with your washing machine or vacuum probably isn’t that far away.


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