Life-enhancing new technology from CES 2018

One of the biggest growth categories at CES is Lifestyle technology so how will tech enhance our wellbeing in 2018?

11 Jan 2018


Lifestyle can include anything from Health and Fitness, to technology to help parents, new ways to help people sleep and the burgeoning world of beauty gadgets. It’s such a big growth area, that CES has devoted an entire show floor to lifestyle, and it’s probably some of the most impressive technology of the whole event.

Healthcare technology

In the US, healthcare costs are ever inflating, so there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm for new technology that can help prevent a visit the doctor. Health technology is getting even more connected, from tracking your vital signs to monitoring your exposure to UV rays. Diabetes patients can now monitor their blood sugar levels using a specially designed gadget that connects to an app on your phone. Chronic pain suffers now have technological solutions that mean they need to rely less on medicine or pills.

And there are new apps and wearables that continuously monitor and store data about your health, to help give your doctor the bigger picture when it comes to properly diagnosing your health issues.

Exercise bike

Get a better night’s sleep

It’s not hard to imagine that in some point in the future, most of us will be reliant on a sleep gadget or app to help us understand why we’re not getting a better night’s sleep. It’s a real eye opener when you use one of these devices for the very first time. They can tell you how much light sleep you get, how much deep sleep, and how many times you wake up during the night. Another manufacturer has produced a new Sleep Sense device that not only monitors your sleep, but also plays special noise when it senses you’re in a deep sleep that can help improve the quality. Throughout CES there are displays of smart beds, sleep trackers, sleep improvers and more. With their help, we should all be getting a better night’s rest.

Smart sleeping

Better understand the health of your baby

New parents spend a lot of their time worrying about the health of their baby. But, thankfully, technology is making it considerably easier to track and improve their health. The vast number of connected baby monitors on show have shown you’re no longer reliant on just the noises they make to monitor their wellbeing. Connected cameras mean you can see your baby asleep, talk to them if they’re awake, and check on their vital signs like their breathing, heart rate or more. And you can monitor it even if you’re away on a business trip, from anywhere in the world.

Baby monitor

Improve your general wellbeing with tech

It’s not just how you’re feeling health wise that counts. Emotional health and wellbeing has been a big area of focus for new technology this year, especially the trend towards mindfulness and meditation. Harnessing your brainwaves, new technology can help train you to meditate. An example we saw was a pair of sunglasses that use your brainwaves to produce weather noise. When you’re relaxed and focused, the weather is calm. But the moment your mind wanders, the weather gets stormy. To calm the weather, you need to breathe deeply and return your thoughts to the now.

Sun glasses

Tech to make you beautiful

Beauty is a multi-billion pound industry. And it’s not surprising they’re turning to technology to find new ways to help you look your best. Beauty tech highlights from CES this year range from mirrors that tell you how wrinkly you are (!) to special analysers that measure the health of your hair and moisture level. But our favourite new beauty tech product is the computer programme that shows you which different make-up and hair colours suit you best. Using advanced face tracking technology, you can see how you look from any angle.


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