Mobile entertainment a sensation at CES 2011

Mobile entertainment was the buzzword at CES 2011 today, with some spectacular announcements made for mobile phone, gaming and laptop fans. Mobile computing looks set to change forever. How? Check out our quick run-down below for the very latest in mobile technology.

7a. LG glasses free 3d TV.jpg

Portable 3D TV without the glasses
LG whipped out an autostereoscopic TV that lets you view 3D TV without needing to wear a pair of specs. As glasses-free TV goes, LG's latest is one of the best displays of its type. Little else was given away but the possibilities are exciting.

The world's first "super phone"
Chip maker Nvidia has unveiled what it called the world's first "super phone" - the LG Optimus 2X. It's powered by a Tegra 2 processor and is faster than any smartphone you've ever seen.

Multiple platform gaming becomes reality
Nvidia also shown off how it is now possible to play multiplayer games in multiple platforms thanks to its Tegra 2 processor. You'll be able to play your mates on your PS3 from your a mobile phone. We're sure you'll agree, the potential for future online multiplayer gaming is enormous.

LG's super slim new smartphone unveiled
LG has been busy at CES 2011 unveiling its latest super slim, svelte smartphone. It's called the LG Optimus Black and measures just 9.2mm thick and will come rolling out with Android 2.2. LG say its 4-inch screen is one of the brightest, most efficient around.