4 phones we loved at Mobile World Congress

Want the lowdown on the latest smartphones? Check out the 4 biggest phones from smartphone extravaganza Mobile World Congress…

23 Feb 2016


1. Samsung Galaxy S7

The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung is a beautiful thing. The Galaxy S7 is the biggest phone launch of the year so far, and offers several improvements over the S6 while keeping a similar chic metal-and-glass design. It runs on Android.

Why we love the Galaxy S7

  • Water-resistant – you can dunk the phone in 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes (if you want to)
  • Expandable storage – store even more photos and music by slotting a memory card into the Micro SD slot
  • Always-on display shows time, date and notifications even when switched off
  • Better cameras: enjoy better photos in low light with a wider aperture that lets in more light, and Dual Pixel technology
  • Quad HD screen for a picture that’s 4 times sharper than HD Ready resolution – the 5.1-inch screen is great for Netflix, too



2. Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge has all the same features as the S7 but with a screen that curves over each side of the phone. The phone follows on from the S6 Edge which was named phone of the year by some magazines in 2015. The S7 Edge offers several design improvements, though.

Why we love the S7 Edge

  • Same features as S7 – water resistant, better cameras, Micro SD slot, always-on display
  • Larger 5.5-inch screen with Quad HD resolution compared to 5.1-screen on S6 Edge
  • Edge screen made bigger so you can get easy access to your emails, news and favourite apps


3. LG G5

LG’s new flagship smartphone, the G5, can be customised with different parts. This makes it a modular smartphone. You can unplug the bottom of the phone, known as the chin, and add accessories for photography and listening to music.

The LG G5 is about more than the modular add-ons though – it’s got a sleek design and great features. It runs on Android and has a 5.3-inch screen.

Why we love the LG G5

  • Always-on display shows time, date and notifications even when switched off
  • Two rear cameras – one 16-megapixel for taking selfies and other quick snaps, the other with a wide-angle lens for shooting group photos or scenery 
  • Super-sharp Quad HD screen for watching YouTube – and at 5.3 inches it’s big enough to binge-watch on
  • Expandable storage – store even more photos and music by slotting a memory card into the Micro SD slot

What are LG Friends?

The modular accessories you can add to the G5 are called Friends. At the moment there are only 2, but more will come.

  • Hi-Fi Plus is made by Bang & Olufsen. With it you can listen to higher resolution music files. It’s got its own headphone jack too, for listening on the go.
  • Cam Plus is designed to give your smartphone the feel of a standalone camera. It adds a comfortable grip and a dedicated shutter button.



 4. Sony Xperia X

Sony didn’t launch a new phone at Mobile World Congress, but it did show off an early version of its next big one.

The Sony Xperia X smartphone will run on Android. It’s part of a new range of products that will pair cutting-edge phone tech to smart products. At first glance, the Xperia X looks incredibly stylish with its curved glass screen and metal frame.

Why we love the Sony Xperia X

  • Full HD screen that boasts brighter colours and deeper blacks
  • Powerful 23-megapixel camera with improved autofocus for photographing fast-moving objects
  • Front camera designed to get good results in low light situations such as nights out
  • Compatible with new smart products like Xperia Ear – that delivers smartphone updates and calendar notifications to your ear


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