Best phones and gadgets from Mobile World Congress

We take a look at some of the best phones and gadgets at the show in Barcelona

02 Mar 2015


A new Samsung phone with a curved screen and Ikea furniture that charges your phone wirelessly have been launched at Mobile World Congress.

The Mobile World Congress trade show is the biggest event on the smartphone calendar - and this year's hasn't disappointed.

Read on for our round-up of the best smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets launched in Barcelona.


The new Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

In a nutshell: Samsung Galaxy gets a chic, premium look and feel with an aluminium and glass finish. You can also charge it wirelessly

Samsung bins its usual plastic approach to give its flagship Galaxy phone a sleek metal finish.

The Galaxy S6 is wrapped in an aluminium-and-glass casing that looks chic and sophisticated when compared to the plastic-cased Galaxy S4 and S5.

Samsung says the design of the Galaxy has been 're-imagined'.

We think it looks as premium as anything out there - including Apple's iPhone 6.

Whether you're watching Netflix or browsing photos, bright, vibrant colours will pop off the screen with Samsung's Super AMOLED technology. Samsung says the 5.1 inch screen has the highest pixel density on the market.

Plus, you'll only receive updates from the apps you want after Samsung scaled back pop-up messages.

Charging your phone is easy thanks to support for wireless charging - the phone is compatible with both WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) charging pads. Plug-in charging is much faster too. Plug it in for 10 minutes and your phone will be good to go for 4 hours, Samsung says.

Want to catch your friend's reaction to falling over, or your toddler taking their first steps? You can launch the camera from any screen in less than a second - just double-click the home button.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


In a nutshell: Same as above but with an unbelievable curved screen that spills down the sides of the handset to show the time, weather and more at a glance

The Galaxy S6 has a cooler big brother - with a screen that curves around the phone's edges. The phone's specs are pretty much the same as the S6 but the screen will stop you in your tracks.

The screen on the S6 Edge will notify you when you receive a call or text from 1 of 5 of your chosen friends by flashing a colour associated to each friend along the side of the phone.

Checking the time or the weather at a glance is easy too, with the information displayed on the phone's side. 


What is a smartwatch? A watch that tells the time but also syncs wirelessly with your phone to display your messages, calls and app notifications

LG Watch Urbane LTE

LG Urbane LTE

In a nutshell: Looks like a classic watch but displays your phone's messages and calls. Also includes panic button, and can make calls itself

Smartwatches no longer have to be geeky and futuristic-looking. Take LG's Watch Urbane, for example.

It looks like a traditional watch, with a round face and brushed steel finish. It's also an extension of your smartphone - receive your messages, app notifications and calls. The watch can even make calls itself.

Key features

  • Make calls and send messages without being connected to your phone
  • Panic alarm: press it and a number you have pre-programmed is called, and your location sent from the watch's GPS
  • Fitness features - heart rate monitor and accelerometer


LG Watch Urbane

LG Urbane

In a nutshell: Slick, stylish traditional-looking watch that can remind you to do stuff, update you on travel arrangements and show your phone's calls and messages

This looks like a traditional watch, but is actually like having a personal assistant in your pocket.

This stripped-back version of the Urbane runs on Google's version of Android for smartwatches. It has a round face finished in gold or polished silver and a traditional leather strap.

Set reminders for yourself, get details of your flight and be told what your next appointment is with the Google Android Wear operating system.

You can even record little voice memos. And it'll give you details of all your calls and messages from your phone.

Choose different faces to suit your mood.

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Other gadgets

Ikea phone charging furniture

In a nutshell: Ikea announces furniture that can charge your phone wirelessly - just put your handset on the charging spot and your battery will come back to life

Charging your phone can be annoying. Whether you've forgotten your charger, or can't find a spare socket.

Phones featuring wireless charging are easing that pain - letting you charge your juice without a cable in sight.

Now Ikea is launching furniture that doubles as a phone charger. Bedside tables and coffee tables will be among the furniture to have wireless charging spots.

How it works: QI wireless device chargers are built into the furniture. QI is a wireless charging standard, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 supports it. Meaning you could charge your Galaxy S6 on one of these Ikea tables 

HTC Vive

In a nutshell: HTC virtual reality headset designed for high-end 3D gaming

Gaming gets a whole lot more real with HTC's new virtual reality headset. The Vive is set to make gaming more immersive, with 3D capabilities and a partnership with high-end PC gaming company Steam.

When wearing it you will feel as though you're in the thick of the action thanks to twin HD screens and sensors to capture your every movement.

The firm said the headset will display video at 90 frames per second. Virtual Reality headsets have already been launched by Oculus and Samsung.

Our friends at Carphone Warehouse have made two videos showing some of the best Smartphones, tablets and wearables at MWC.


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