LG at CES 2015

A roundup of what LG had to offer at CES 2015

Waiting to be let in for the first official day at CES, you could literally feel the excitement building, as just beyond the entrance, LG's TV wall came into view. Colourful, bright and boasting 30 screens working seamlessly together, it really set the tone for the rest of the stand.

Lg Wall



Around the corner lay the full TV offering from LG. There were seven new 4K OLED TVs, and at the top of the pile was the 77" EG9900 flexible 4K OLED TV. Have the screen curved during an in depth gaming session to fully immerse yourself in the action. Then at the click of a button, change the screen to flat, so you and your mates can watch a movie together.



Other 4K OLED TVs on display were the EG9600 and EF9500, with 55" and 65" screens respectively. As with the EG9900, both these TVs feature Harman/Kardon speakers, quad-core processors and LG's "ArtSlim" design.

The ArtSlim design featured on many of the TVs in the new range. The TVs had ultra-thin displays and were mounted on transparent stands, making them appear to float in mid-air. (Of course these could all be wall mounted too!)

LG Art Slim


Whilst there was a lot of 4K OLED to be seen, LG were also showcasing a new range of 4K LCD TVs, including the UF9400, the first LG TV to feature Quantum Dot technology, which makes your whites brighter, and your colours richer and more intense.

Quantum Dot


There was also a stunning 8K TV on display…

Lg 8k


… and a 105" curved TV, bigger than most people's sofas!

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LG showcased their new MusicFlow speakers that will work with the existing range, as well as the new soundbar. In a small room, behind a glass door you could hear the full effect of the system working together. It was loud! The bass was rich and the high notes were clear, making for a truly great listening experience.

Lg Music Flow


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The star of LG's phone line up was the LG G Flex 2. With a 5.5" P-OLED display boasting 403 pixels per inch, the screen looked amazing. Slightly smaller than its predecessor, the G Flex 2 felt very light, whilst the curved screen made it easy to reach every corner of the screen with one hand.


LG G Flex 2 Screen



Another improvement that sets this Smartphone apart is the "self-healing" backplate. Minor scratches and scuffs took only minutes to disappear on the original, these now vanish in seconds before your very eyes!


Lg Flex 2 Back



The other phone that got some interest was the LG AKA, currently the most popular phone for 16-19 year olds in South Korea. The AKA prides itself on being the first Smartphone with a personality! Eyes peep over the top of the case, and inform you of notifications. The cases can be swapped for different personalities:


Lg Aka]

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Home Appliances

Last but by no means least were the household appliances. The new TwinWash system from LG sat proudly in the middle of the stand, and had drawn quite the crowd. The TwinWash machine has the standard 8kg drum, exactly where you expect it to be. Pull out the drawer beneath however, and you reveal a smaller 3kg drum, that runs independently from the rest of the machine. This allows you do two loads at once, or save energy on smaller washes by just using the smaller drum.


Lg Twin Wash

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Also showcased was the new Double Door-in-Door fridge freezers. At the press of a button, the outer door of the fridge opens, giving you access to large door compartments, whilst the rest of your food remains behind a second clear door, conserving energy and cutting down on bills!


Lg Double Door In Door

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