LG G3 – the hottest smartphone of 2014?

We asked Stuff magazine for their opinion on our favourite features of the new LG G3 phone. Read on to find out what they think of LG´s latest smartphone offering...

28 May 2014


LG has finally launched its latest flagship smartphone - the LG G3 - which boasts a super-sharp screen, laser-assisted camera and overhauled security features. But does it live up to the hype?

Stuff have given it 5 Stars and dubbed it 'the best smartphone in the world', so we picked out the phone's three biggest features and asked Will Findlater, editor in chief of Stuff magazine, for his opinion...

The screen

LG G3 Quad HD Screen 

When asked for his favourite feature on the G3 Will F said "it's really got to be about that screen".

"That screen" has been dubbed Quad HD by LG.

It offers resolution four times sharper than HD and twice as sharp as full HD. It was described as "sharper, crisper and clearer" at the launch event in west London.

It boasts 538 pixels per inch, and an impressive 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Will said: "You have this big expanse of screen and what still seems to be a relatively small device and my first impressions suggest it's probably the best smartphone screen I've seen so far."

However, he warned that the size of the phone could put off some people.
He said: "For some people it's going to be a bit of a stretch to go to a device that is basically a phablet - it's not just a smartphone."


The camera

LG G3 Camera Functions 

The other main headline-grabbing G3 feature is the camera: Or more specifically, the camera's use of laser technology - the first of its kind in a smartphone.

The camera uses laser-assisted autofocus to shoot shaper pictures in less time. LG says it creates "stunningly sharp images in a fraction of the time required by conventional phone cameras".

Will at Stuff said: "The camera, from what I've tried, focuses very, very quickly and the technology seems to be there to provide quality snaps.

Based on previous experience with LG smartphones like the G2 we know that LG can do cameras extremely well so I'm hoping the G3 is going to build on the achievements of its predecessors."


Favouring practical features over gimmicks

LG G3 Knock Code 

It seems these days every smartphone worth its salt has a cool-but-not-particularly-useful feature to separate it from the pack.

However, with the G3 LG may actually gain more attention for its lack of gimmicky features.

Will offered the example of the phone's security features as being useful rather than gimmicky.

The security features include the Knock-Code log-in system and KnockOn wake up facility as well as the ability to disable and wipe your phone in the event it's lost or stolen.

Will explained: "My experience with KnockOn so far is that it's a genuinely useful change. It's that bit less fiddly than typing out a pin code, possibly not quite as futuristic feeling as a thumbprint scanner but it still feels like a meaningful innovation."

He praised LG for favouring practical, useful features over futuristic faddy ones, but nevertheless said the firm was brave.

He explained: "What we've learned is that the most part gimmicks don't change people's minds. When it comes to actually buying devices they're not things people are looking for.
"The buying public are much more concerned about practical features and it looks like LG has focused on advancing those as opposed to focusing on other less useful but more headline-grabbing features."


The LG G3 in brief

  • Feature a 5.5-inch 'Quad HD' display that LG says offers  four times the resolution of HD and nearly twice the resolution of full HD
  • Screen features ultra-thin bezels helping it achieve boasts a screen ratio of 76.4% (more screen, less edge)
  • Camera with laser-assisted focus - a world-first in a smartphone. The laser is designed to make the camera focus at a faster rate
  • Front camera redesigned to take 'the perfect selfie'. Clenching your fist sets off three-second timer: time to get your pose on
  • Smart Keyboard designed to reduce typos by learning how you type and the words you commonly use
  • Longer-life battery to offset effect of high-resolution screen. Graphite replaces metal in battery
  • Keyboard height can be adjusted to better fit the size and shape of your hands and how you position your thumbs
  • Use Knock Code's pattern of taps to get into your phone
  • Kill Switch feature means you can disable and remote wipe your phone in the event it's lost or stolen


What do you think about the LG G3? Will it beat the likes of Samsung's S5 or Apple's iPhone 5S? Tell us in the comments below...