LG launches smartphone with laser-powered camera and stupendously sharp screen

LG has launched its G3 flagship smartphone, with a super-sharp screen and laser-assisted camera among the main features

LG has launched a new smartphone with a super-sharp screen and a camera that uses a laser to focus pictures. 

Another Shot Of The 5.5inch Quad HD Screen

The LG G3 was launched at a swanky celebration in west London that was live streamed to global cities such as New York, San Francisco and Seoul in South Korea.


Super-sharp Quad HD screen

The phone boasts what LG has dubbed a Quad HD (2,560x1,440 pixels) screen. It says this offers four times the resolution of HD and twice the resolution of a full HD display.

At 5.5 inches the screen is larger than that of its main rival - the Samsung Galaxy S5. It also has a higher resolution than the S5.

The front of this larger phone is all screen, too. LG devoloped ultra-thin bezels to give the G3 a screen ratio of 76.4%. The thin bezels were made possible by putting the power button on the back of the phone.

LG says the quad HD screen sets a "new viewing standard" with a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch.


Sean Musgrove, product manager UK and Ireland, explained the two main benefits of the Quad HD screen.

He said: "The phone features a massive 5.5-inch quad HD IPS display that delivers well over 538 pixels per inch (PPI). As a result it makes it four times sharper than a standard HD smartphone display and over two times sharper than a full HD display."

Laser-assisted camera for faster focus

Another major feature of the G3 is its camera, which is the world's first smartphone snapper to use laser autofocus technology - more normally seen in the military and high-end DSLR cameras.

The laser-beam technology measures how far the photographer is from the subject. LG said the technology allowed the camera to focus in 0.276 of a second. It aims to focus fast, even in low light. 

The camera is 13MP, however - less than that of the Galaxy S5. 

Sean Musgrove said: "For the very first time you're seeing laser autofocus on the back of the camera. It's designed to help determine depth of the image that's being taken so you actually get fast focus, so as soon as you go to switch on your camera you're ready to take the image, rather than having to wait for the camera to focus."

Meanwhile, the phone's front camera also incorporates technology designed to make taking selfies easier. Users can activate the shutter by clenching a fist.

Another Picture Of The Stunning Quad HD Screen
















Clever keyboard that learns how you type

Other features include a new Smart Keyboard which learns from your typing habits to help reduce the number of errors and improve your typing speed. LG says it reduces input errors by up to 75% by intuitively getting to know how you type and correcting words.

LG also aims to make typing easier with an adjustable keyboard that can be tweaked to fit the size of your hands and position of your thumbs.

Meanwhile, a host of new security features were also unveiled. With the Kill Switch users can find peace of mind after losing their phone. Activate it and the phone can be wiped remotely as well as being disabled. 

The LG G3 - expert's first impressions 

Will Findlater, editor in chief at Stuff magazine, said his first impressions on the G3 were "very positive". 

He said: "It has a screen that's thoroughly impressive and the camera from what I've tried focuses very, very quickly and the technology seems to be there to provide quality snaps." 

The phone will be launched in South Korea on May 28 before "rolling out worldwide on over 170 carriers".