Our savvy Queen uses Facebook and iPhone to stay in touch

There's been a lot of action at Buckingham Palace over the past week. Prince William is engaged and officially off the market, having proposed to Kate Middleton and therefore, no longer a fantasy boyfriend to the millions of British citizens that are in love with him… and the Queen has joined Facebook.

It has to be an excellent accolade to Mark Zuckerburg and his team to learn the Queen of England is now using Facebook. And in just a few days after launch, the official British Monarchy Facebook page acquired over 247,276 fans. A long way to go to beat Lady Gaga with nearly 23 million fans, but still impressive to achieve 40,000 'likes' in the first hour!

Now it may not be all status updates and home videos from the Royals on their page, but you will find pages and pages of news, photo's and Royal events near you on the new and official British Monarchy Facebook page. Our beloved Royal family are in getting very tech savvy, and the Queen is leading the way.

The Queen owned her first mobile phone in 2001, the Siemens SL45 WAP phone. At the time this seriously hip phone was one of the first to feature a built-in MP3 player and WAP browser to get on the web.

Last year though, it's alleged that our Queen has been relaxing to music from the BBC Proms on her iPod that US President Obama gave her; and texting on her Blackberry.

Just to be sure, I texted directory and search service, 118118, for the latest skinny about the Queen and her mobile. They told me she now uses an iPhone. They also threw in that there is an app that teaches the Queen's English - I can see that one entertaining tube passengers as you mouth the words 'how-now-brown-cow' for the duration of the journey…

If we had to choose, we'd probably adorn the Queen with something like the Samsung Tocco Lite T-Mobile PAYG Mobile Phone - a pretty pink touch phone that is light to carry and would complement her colourful fashions. With simple functionality, large screen and camera, she can stay in touch and online from the comforts of her drawing room, as well as take snaps of her adoring community from the horse-carriage.