PICTURES - Day 2 of CES 2013

Here´s a roundup of day 2 at CES 2013. Exhibitors continued to show off the potentials of Near Field Communication (NFC) across a range of different categories, and there was more excitement from the world of Ultra-HD TVs.

Here's a roundup of the pictures from day 2 at CES 2013. Exhibitors continued to show off with Near Field Communication (NFC), and gave us a glimpse of the latest in household gadgets. There was also more excitement from the big names in the competitive world of Ultra-HD TVs.

You Can Communicate With LG's Smart Refrigerator While You 're Out Thanks To NFC Technology

LG's space-age refrigerator integrates NFC technology to let you communicate with your fridge, even when you are out.

LG's HOM BOT Can Do The Vaccuming While You 're At Work

The electronics giant also showcased the latest in household convenience with the LG HOM BOT -  a glossy and compact robotic vacuum.

LG'S Smart Home Appliances Can Be Controlled With A Smartphone Or Remote Using A Hub On Your TV

Continuing on the theme of domestic gizmos... With LG's Smart Control, consumers can work their home appliances from their smartphones or from a hub on their LG Smart TV - so there will be no more leaving the cooker on!

Panasonic Shows Off Its 4K OLED Prototype At CES 2013

There was a buzzing excitement in the Panasonic ring as they showed off at CES with the World's largest 4K OLED TV...

6) LG'S 84-inch Ultra HD TV Is Simply Stunning

... whilst LG proved that huge TVs can still deliver stunning visuals with its 84" Ultra HD TV.

LG Showcases Its Google TV Services With The 55GA7900

We took the opportunity to watch LG demo its latest 3D TV, with built in Google TV - watch out Netflix, Google is hot on your tail!

Panasonic 's 20-inch 4K Tablet Has Been Widely Regarded Among The Gadgets Of CES 2013

Here's one final treat from Day 2 - Panasonic's highly anticipated 20" tablet, with 4K (Ultra-HD) resolution.

Stay tuned for more updates from us at CES 2013.