Step into the world of Star Wars with Google Cardboard

Immerse yourself in 360-degree Star Wars with Google’s low-fi approach to virtual reality, Google Cardboard…

To tie in with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, last week Google gave away special Star Wars-themed virtual reality headsets from its Google Store.

These special editions are designed around 5 Star Wars characters, including old fan favourite R2-D2. Although they were limited to 1 per person, that didn’t stop them selling out quicker than the whoosh of a lightsaber. 

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The silver lining? The headsets are made from cardboard and they’re fairly easy to reproduce at home. You can find instructions about how to make your own, or buy yourself a kit, on the Google Cardboard site.  

To instantly transport yourself to the desert planet of Jakku, one of the settings for the new movie, simply insert your phone into the nifty device, load up Jakku Spy – an app made by Lucasfilm – and peer inside. You’ll take on the role of a secret agent working for the Resistance and get to explore the planet for yourself.

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What is Google Cardboard?

Google created Google Cardboard to make virtual reality accessible to as many people as possible. So you don’t need any really fancy equipment to own one of these simple virtual reality headsets.

Once you’ve built it, personalise it as much as you like, download Jakku Spy or another compatible Google Cardboard app, insert your smartphone into the back and hold it in place with a rubber band.  

It all sounds a bit Blue Peter, but trust us, you won’t believe how cool it is.

‘Do or do not, there is no try,’ as Yoda always says…

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