Take on your goals with Google Calendar

Think you don’t have any time to hit your personal targets? With Google Calendar’s new Goals feature your smartphone can help you make the most of your busy schedule…

22 Apr 2016


Want to get in shape for your summer holiday? Make more time to speak to friends and family? Or finally take on your New Year’s Resolution to read more books this year? 

Now, thanks to Google, fitting in all of your to-dos around your busy schedule is easy. The tech giant has introduced Goals to its Calendar app – a new feature that works out the best time for you to hit your targets.


How can Google Calendar help you reach your goals?

With Google Calendar, your smartphone can help you make the most of your time – rather than just manage it for you.

Set weekly or long-term targets and it’ll work out the best time for you to fit them in around all of your appointments, meetings and gatherings with friends or family.

Set new goals using categories like Exercise, Build a Skill and Me Time. You can also customise it with other activities of your choice such as reading, phoning your relatives or even just setting half an hour aside for you to relax each week.

Getting set up is easy:

  • download the Google Calendar app for Android or iOS and sync it with your Gmail account – if you already have the app, make sure you have the latest update to make the most of Goals
  • input your goal – for example practice your French or go for a 5K run
  • say how often you’d like to do it, how long you’d like to do it for and your preferred time of day

Calendar will then assess your schedule and find the best time for you to do it – and away you go.

Busy schedule stopping you from hitting your target?

We’ve all been there – you’re heading out of the office with your gym bag when your boss calls you into a last minute meeting. Or a friend texts and wants to go to dinner, but you’d already set aside some time for reading that evening. With Goals, you can always do it later.

When things get in the way of your scheduled goals, you can shift your diary around and Calendar will find a new time for you to fit them in with helpful features like:

  • automatic rescheduling if another event or appointment conflicts with your goal
  • quick hit Defer option that lets you move your goal to a later time – handy if you’re on your way out and don’t have time to put a new appointment into your calendar

After using it for a while, Calendar gets to know your habits so it’ll pick the best times for you to complete your goals, not just when you have free time.

The only downside is you’ll never be able to use the excuse of ‘I don’t have time’ when you’re supposed to hit the gym but would rather stay in bed again.


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