Take super-sharp selfies with the HTC 10

Always taking selfies and listening to music? You’ll love HTC’s new flagship smartphone and its specially designed camera...

14 Apr 2016


HTC has won its fair share of awards in recent years but how will its latest flagship handset measure up?

We watched the launch of the eagerly anticipated HTC 10. The phone runs the Android operating system and has a 5.2-inch screen.

Here are our first impressions.

Its camera is designed for shake-free selfies

Selfie – just another part of everyday life. Whether we’re talking Instagram celebs or snapping a picture with your mates down the pub. Last year we took an estimated 1.2bn selfies according to Ofcom.

Now HTC has given its new phone a camera designed specifically for selfies. You can take steady, blur-free selfies with the camera’s built-in optical image stabilisation technology.

It’s the first time a phone’s front camera has used the tech – and it also features in its rear camera. ISO also helps you take better pictures in low light.

The camera launches in as little as 0.6 seconds so there’s no hanging around.

The camera tech is better all-round

It’s not just the optical image stabilisation. The phone’s 2 cameras have bigger sensors and wider apertures. That means they get more light, and more light = better photos.

People who want to edit their camera photos will appreciate the option of shooting in the RAW format too.

The screen’s much better than the last HTC flagship phone

The HTC M8 was named as phone of the year at the T3 Gadget Awards in 2014. But its follow-up last year was criticised for its screen quality among other things.

Now HTC has fixed that with a quad HD screen that’s 30% more colourful than its predecessor. Netflix should look relatively sharp with 567 pixels per inch.

It’s also 50% more responsive to touch, according to HTC.

Music lovers will love its High-Res Audio features

For many people their phone is also their music player. This means audio technology on phones is important.

And HTC’s decision to make its new phone Hi-Res Audio compatible is certainly interesting. Hi-Res Audio is digital music at better-than-CD quality (24-bit audio). And with the M10 you can play or record 24-bit audio.

Download Hi-Res Audio albums from Qobuz to the M10 and music will never be the same again. You also get some free hi-res headphones in the box.

Find out more about Hi-Res Audio 

Sleek and solid metal design

The phone’s made from a single piece of aluminium. It looks stylish but also durable. HTC say it was put through ‘over 10,000 drop, bend, scratch and corrosion tests’ and it does seem pretty solid.

The slightly rounded edges reflect the light nicely – and you can’t go wrong with its black finish.

You can shoot 4K videos to watch on your new TV

Thinking of buying a 4K UHD TV for this summer’s football extravaganza? This phone has its own 4K video camera built-in – take daft videos of your goal celebrations in the garden then watch them back in super-sharp resolution on your TV.

You’ll never get caught-short for battery

There’s nothing worse than when your phone battery goes dead and you’ve not got time to charge it. The 10 can be charged up to 50% of power in just 30 minutes.

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