Tech’s Most Memorable April Fools’ Day Pranks

So it was April Fools’ Day the other day, and quite a few big-named companies decided to get in on the act with some of their own pranks and practical jokes.

So it was April Fools' Day the other day, and quite a few big-named companies decided to get in on the act with some of their own pranks and practical jokes. While some organisations (most notably Google) go all out with well-produced videos and PR stunts, others simply knock-up a couple of ridiculous images on Photoshop and call it a day.

But with it being April Fools' Day and all that, many people don't really believe what they read on the internet, so April 1st is really just an opportunity for the major players in the tech industry to poke fun at themselves or their current situation.

But what were the best April Fools pranks this year? Well here are some of my favourites:

          1.       Twttr: Whr r my vwls?

On April 1st, Twitter announced that they were shifting to a two-tiered service, where users would be charged $5 a month for a premium service to use both consonants and vowels in Tweets. The free version, of course, would not include vowels.

Twitter no vwls

          2.       Soundcloud debuts "Dropometer"

 Who knew that the German developers behind the fantastic music-sharing platform Soundcloud also had a pretty good sense of humour? Well over the course of April Fools' Day, Soundcloud users were trolled with a new feature that highlighted the "drop" in their sound.

Although not too many people were fooled by it, Soundcloud tried to dupe their users further by posting on their blog: "Using a unique algorithm (patent pending), the Dropometer is designed to help you prepare yourself for the big moment, whether that means getting in the mental space where you can really break it down, or fixing yourself a fortifying snack".

          3.       Google being Google

Google now have a bit of reputation for pulling some silly April Fools jokes, and this year was certainly no different.

First off, much to the shock of quite a few people on interwebs, Google announced that it was going to shut down YouTube, citing that the platform was only ever an 8 year-long contest to try and find the greatest video on the internet. Therefore the website had to close in order for the judges to reconvene and decide what the best clip on YouTube was.

Although this was quite obviously a prank, you'd probably be surprised how many people were fooled on Twitter.

But Google was never likely to stop there though, and even made light of its Glass Project by announcing Google Nose, a new piece of software that would allow you to search the web via smell. Simply type your favourite scent into its search engine, tap the "smell button", and inhale until you are satisfied.

Introducing Google Nose

          4.       Nokia to launch a Microwave

We all associate the Finnish telecoms giant with mobile phones, but Nokia tried to convince us on April 1st that they were also delving into the microwave oven market. Called the 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation, Nokia's touch-screen microwave would have (hypothetically) boasted a superfast, water-cooled 8-core high-voltage transformer, which would enable you to heat your "turkey meal solution" up in minutes.

It also shares a design that is similar to their Lumia Smartphone range, and even comes in a snazzy shade of yellow.

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