Best tablets and smartphones from Mobile World Congress 2014

We round up some of the best phones and tablets from Mobile World Congress in one bite-size blog - giving you the skinny without the slog and consulting experts at Stuff Magazine...

Want the skinny on the best phones and tablets to come out of Mobile World Congress 2014?

We've hand-picked them to give you the rub on the hottest tech without having to wade through the online avalanche. We also asked experts from Stuff Magazine who were on the ground in Barcelona what they thought about them too.

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy And Gear

(Credit: AP)

Unarguably the most anticipated launch of Mobile World Congress 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was revealed amid stacks of hype on Tuesday. But what's different to last year's Galaxy S4?

Well, it's waterproof and dustproof and has a cool fingerprint scanner so you can unlock your phone or pay for things via PayPal with a simple tap, while it also boasts an improved 16MP camera and a heart rate monitor. 

Esat Dedezade of Stuff Magazine was out in Barcelona, and he told Tech Talk: "Samsung has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the S5. And if you threw an S5 into an actual kitchen sink, it would be just fine, because it's waterproof."

The S5 will go on sale in April, read more about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Sony Xperia Z2 tablet - the waterproof one

Xperia Z2 Tablet


We've all seen waterproof phones, but what about a waterproof tablet? That's exactly what we got from Sony at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Sony says the Xperia Z2 is the "world's thinnest and lightest waterproof tablet". The 10.1-inch slate runs Android's KitKat OS and is powered by a zippy quad core processor.

Fraser MacDonald at Stuff Magazine told Tech Talk: "At first glance, it's difficult to tell the outgoing Z Tablet and this new version apart. Pick it up, however, and it feels improbably thin, just 6.4mm and yet it has a more powerful processor and a better graphics chip for its 10.1in, full HD screen." 

The tablet will be available from March, read more about the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet

ZTE Grand Memo II

ZTE Grand Memo II


Ever get tired of opening and closing apps all the time on your smartphone? Chinese firm ZTE has launched one with a cool spilt-screen feature so you can watch films while writing tweets, or read emails while indulging in some online shopping.

The ZTE Grand Memo II can also beam content to your smart TV, as well as being used to as a TV remote. You can even use its screen while wearing gloves.

Find out more about the ZTE Grand Memo II.

HP Pavilion convertible tablet

The launch of touchscreen friendly Windows 8 back in 2012 heralded the arrival of a new computing category - the convertible. Convertibles are laptops which transform into tablets at the swivel of a hinge or push of a button. 

Now we have another once to choose from, thanks to the HP Pavilion x360 - launched at Mobile World Congress. The 11.6-inch laptops switches into tablet mode on a 360-degree hinge, with the screen folding back on itself.

"Its 360-degree hinge allows multitaskers to easily transition from laptop to tent to tablet - all at a price that is similar to an entry-level notebook," Pascal Bourguet, vice president of consumer personal systems at HP, said. 

It's due for release in March.

Lenovo Yoga tablet

Want a tablet that really is great for watching films and TV on the go? Check out the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD +, launched at MWC.

Not only does the Android slate pack in a full HD screen with super-sharp viewing, it also has a handy cylindrical lip on its base, which acts as a perfect stand for propping up your tablet on the train table.

The cylinder contains a mega battery with capacity to last 18 hours on one charge, meaning you've got enough juice in the can for the longest of journeys. 

Set for launch in May, read more about it Lenovo Yoga 10 HD Tablet.

Nokia X smartphone

Nokia X XL Smartphone - Running Android Rather Than Windows Phone

(Pictured Nokia XL)

Nokia threw up one of the biggest headlines of MWC with the announcement of a number of phones running Google's Android operating system. The Finnish firm's recent Lumia handsets have all run on Microsoft's Windows Phone.

Nokia launched three Android running models, the X, X+ and XL. But although they technically do run on Android, it's a stripped back version, a mash-up of several operating systems: Android, Windows Phone and Asha.  

Will Dunn at Stuff says: "The colourful, affordable X series phones piggyback Nokia and Microsoft services on top of Android, combining Android's vast number of apps with Windows Phone's, er... tiles."

Find out more about the Nokia X.