Mobile Wi-Fi: Life without limits

Mobile Wi-Fi is about to break through as the absolute best way to get online while you’re out and about.

24 Apr 2013


We're in the middle of another internet revolution.

It's clear that the world wants, no, it needs to be connected. And not just at home. Take a look at the image below. It's a comparison of St. Peter's Square during the election of Pope Benedict in 2005, and again more recently for Pope Francis. Spot the difference?

Mobile -broadband -image1

Sharing experiences is no longer about crowding around a photo album in the living room. It's about reading news as it happens, accessing music and video on demand and sending photos instantly from one side of the world to the other. Ultimately, it's about life without limits.

More and more we're making our technology purchases based on our lifestyle, rather than purely on technical specifications, and the hardware manufacturers are responding to this.

Samsung's SMART Wi-Fi cameras are a really great example of this. A few years ago if you mentioned to a friend that you had purchased a digital camera with built-in wireless, they'd think you were mad. Yet today, when coupled with a Mobile Wi-Fi product in your pocket, you can capture a moment in time and wirelessly share it with your friends on Facebook the very instant it happens. Today that feels incredibly relevant.

Mobile Wi-Fi is about to break through as the absolute best way to get online while you're out and about, particularly if you're using a tablet.

Tablets themselves have really changed the way that we consume content, but they can become fairly dumb devices once they lose their connection to the internet. Not always an issue if you've remembered to download everything you need to use it before you head out, but that's not always appropriate (or convenient!)

Mobile -broadband -image2

Enter Mobile Wi-Fi - a wireless hotspot that you can take with you.

It connects to the mobile network, just like a smartphone and then shares that internet connection with any Wi-Fi device, just like your wireless router at home.

Now you have internet access in your pocket, at all times, no matter where you are. No more hunting for a McDonalds to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot!

They're versatile too, so if you do have that Samsung SMART camera, you can connect it at the same time as your tablet and fire off those photos to your friends without delay.

This gets even better with the rollout of 4G across the various mobile phone networks this year. In short, the mobile networks are about to get a serious speed boost. Some people may find that broadband over the mobile network will actually be faster than their current broadband at home.

Possibly best of all though is the low barrier to entry. Mobile Wi-Fi is not expensive, and unlike a smartphone, you don't need to be tied down to a lengthy contract.

There are two tariffs in particular that are proving popular with customers right now. Both of these are "1-month rolling contracts", which literally means that you can stay signed up for as long as you like. Both also give an allowance of 5GB data per month, the only difference is the speed:

3G (3 network) costs £29.99 for the hotspot product, then £15.99 per month (with two months free)

4G (EE network) costs £49.99 for the hotspot, then £20.99 per month (with the first month included in the price)

If you think it's time you got yourself connected, pop down to your local store and have a chat with one of our colleagues, who will help you find the right mobile wi-fi package for you.

- Written by Seb Cook, Currys PC World Expert (Data Storage & Networking)