Must-have gifts for tech lovers

It can be hard to keep up with the latest technology. We’ve put together a guide to the latest gadgets for tech lovers this Christmas…

must have gifts for tech lovers

Do you have an appetite for tech or know someone who does? 

The latest Smart-home devices, tablets, gizmos and gadgets, are all laid out for you to delve into here. Have a read to get a taste of what tech gifts are available…

And if you’re looking for a smaller stocking filler, you could take a look at what we’ve got for under £50


Amazon Echo Dot

Who to buy for? The Spotify-streaming, smartphone-tapping, smart-home lover who likes tech that makes life easier

amazon echo dot

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more useful each and every Christmas. Take the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s a wireless streaming speaker with the built-in Alexa voice service that connects to other smart technology in your home.

So, as well as voice activated music you can ask it for all kinds of information. Just ask for ‘Alexa’ and the Echo Dot responds. The compact device with far-field voice recognition comes in black or white casing.

Talk to Echo Dot to…

  • Stream music – link your Spotify and Amazon accounts in a few simple steps to play music from the built-in speakers, or send through your own surround-sound set up
  • Stay entertained and up to date with football scores and any questions you have about movies and TV shows
  • Control your home through smart thermostats and switches – compatible with WeMo, Philips Hue, Hive, Netatmo and more
  • Live life hands-free – order a takeaway through Eat, check train times and update your diary


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Learn more about the Amazon Echo family


Google Home

Who to buy for? The ever-curious friend who wants their questions answered immediately and entertainment on demand

Google Home is another type of hands-free home control hub – taking the typing out of “Googling” that burning question. Connecting you to your home comforts, your busy schedule and what’s going on in the outside world.

Say “OK Google” for…

  • Immediate entertainment – streaming music for you to sing-a-long with while you cook. And stream films to your TV via Chromecast, to watch and relax while you eat
  • The encyclopaedic housemate to answer your questions and get the latest information from
  • Staying connected and up-to-date – check flight times and the latest weather reports as you wash up
  • Life management through Google Home – setting alarms and scheduling meetings
  • Comfort – adjust your Nest thermostat
  • A personalised experience with voice recognition that can provide unique support for each family member or housemate


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Learn more about the Google Home range

Including the Google Mini


Apple Watch Series 1

Who to buy for: The fitness-addicted Apple lover, who likes to stay connected

Apple Watch series 1

New technology has allowed Apple to update their watch into a really helpful device. It has a responsive screen and lightning fast performance, powered by its dual-processor.

Strap on the Apple Watch to…

  • Multi-task – answer calls and check train times from your wrist
  • Stay connected at all times – receive calls, send messages and ask Siri questions
  • Keep up-to-date – use the range of apps to check the news, the weather and the status of your favourite sports team
  • Monitor your health and activities – accurately track different types of exercise, while also keeping tabs on your heart rate
  • Look good with the premium design and practical sports band


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BTD Studio 3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Who to buy for: The music-lover with an eye for quality, who wants to transform their commute

btd studio 3

The new BTD headphones are high-end headphones packed with innovative audio tech, such as the adaptive noise-cancelling technology that gives you a great listening experience. Perfect for commuters – the headphones block out chatter and toe tapping whether you’re travelling by train, bus or plane.

Upgrade your headphones to the BTD Studio 3 and… 

  • Connect wirelessly to your smartphone over Bluetooth – avoiding cables getting in your way
  • Take calls, control music and talk to Siri with the multi-function on-ear controls that allow you to switch seamlessly between apps and multiple devices
  • Enjoy swift charging with Fast Fuel that offers 3 hours of battery life from a lightning fast pitstop of just 10mins
  • Stay comfy on long journeys with the soft and flexible fitting headphones, that conveniently fold up to pack away
  • Look good in the new sleek and stylish design


Get the BTD Studio 3 Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones in Shadow Grey


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Who to buy for: The artist, the writer or the gamer who demands the best from their tablet

samsung galaxy tab 3

The latest tablet from Samsung is a class act, boasting fantastic display and swift multi-tasking performance for a range of uses.

Power up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to….

  • Enjoy detailed visuals on the large, high resolution screen that’s of higher quality than many TVs and laptops
  • Unleash your creative side with the updated S Pen – accurately sketch and write, and even compose music in the specific S Pen app
  • Experience fast and reliable gaming and films
  • Immerse yourself in the crisp clear sound of songs and films, with speakers that automatically adjust according to screen direction
  • Charge-up swiftly and use the expandable storage with a microSD card reader
  • Be in style – the ultra-slim glass backed design makes the tablet sleek looking as well as easy to carry around and use


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Logitech Driving Force G920 Wheel and Gearstick Bundle

Who to buy for: The driving game aficionado, who always wants to tear up the track in virtual reality

logitech g920

The G920 racing wheel, gearstick and driving pedals are the definitive racing simulation package – built to enhance your driving games on the PC and PlayStation 3 and 4.

Buckle up to experience…

  • Every turn in the road with the powerful feedback mechanism – accurately simulating traction loss, weight shift and drifting
  • Realistic wheel turning – lock-to-lock rotation between 2.5 turns of smooth and quiet steering
  • Maximum control for ultra-responsive game play – precise responses with tight wheels and pedals that reduce unwanted noise and vibration
  • Smooth gear transitions allow you to maintain acceleration as you shift – for tight hairpin turns and high-speed corners
  • Minimal wobble during manoeuvres – built-in clamps securely attach to a table or driving rig


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