NEWS: Royal Wedding Online ´Noise´ Grows

28 Apr 2011


Dixons1104271203241-1.jpgThe royal wedding is generating one mention online every 10 seconds, research has shown.
A study by search engine marketing agency Greenlight found that online “noise” around the upcoming ceremony had increased significantly over the past week, with an average of 9,000 posts on the subject appearing each day.
Findings revealed that mention of the royal wedding on online media including news sites, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook rose by 700% on March levels.
According to the study, a total of 158,000 posts online relating to the royal wedding were generated since March, with 38% (60,964) of these occurring during the last seven days.
The firm also claimed that internationally, those excited by the royal wedding outweighed “haters” by 6:1.
The data is more evidence of the role technology is playing in the royal wedding – live streaming of the occasion is being broadcast on YouTube, the event will be chronicled on Twitter and Facebook and there will be a live blog on the day.
Alicia Levy, director and co-founder of Greenlight, said: “We’ve observed online ‘buzz’ surge in the last month.
“When you think back 30 years, it is interesting to see the similarities between Prince Charles’ and Diana’s wedding when it comes to some of the points of conversation and curiosity to consumers, the wedding dress and designer for one.
“However, the internet – from online news sites to social media – mean that by comparison, this wedding truly is a very public affair.”