Our favourite smart gadgets from CES 2017

There’s always brilliant new innovations from all the top names at events like CES. But it’s when you take a wander off the beaten track to some of the smaller manufacturers that you discover some real hidden gems.

09 Jan 2017


Take a look at our video of more of our favourite gadgets from CES

Sleep 360 smart bed

Well, we suppose it was only a matter of time before smart tech took over an entire bed. This is the perfect solution for people who roll around as they sleep. If you turn onto your side, the bed will cleverly adjust itself to match the shape of your body. 

Switch onto your back, and the bed will raise your head to prevent you from snoring. It’s also great news for people who get cold feet, as the bed has a unique foot warmer. Plus it has handy little lights built in to guide you back from the toilet to bed in the middle of the night.

Moen U Connected Shower

This unique tap system, or faucet as it’s known in the US, is perfect when it’s a cold morning, and you want to stay warm under the covers while the shower warms up. You can set the shower going by pressing a button on an app. Adjust the temperature, and the app will let you know when the shower is at its optimal temperature, so you can race out of bed and enjoy all it’s warm, watery goodness. You can even pre-set different modes like ‘after the gym’ or ‘cold winters morning’ too.

Smart and Blue’s Hydrao smart shower-head 

Moen weren’t the only people to announce a water oriented smart gadget. Smart and Blue’s Hydrao showerhead has quite a different purpose though. This one measures how much water you’re using, and once you’ve used a certain amount, it will change colour to help you shower more environmentally friendly. Green is friendly, orange is a warning and red is a signal to finish. It can even shut off automatically if you want it to.


Rokid Pebble Voice Assistant 

This may just look like another voice activated assistant, but it’s got a special skill up its sleeve. Rokid

Credit: PR Newswire

It learns to recognise different voices, so a simple command like ‘Pebble Hello’ for one person could switch on lights and start playing music, while for another person it could action a completely different set of commands. There have been some interesting stories about children racking up large shopping lists with Amazon Alexa, so maybe this unique new skill comes just in time.


Moxi Stroller and Phone Charger

We’re not sure why anyone hasn’t thought of this before, as there’s a huge variety of brilliant strollers on the market, but the Moxi Stroller does things differently.

Moxi Stroller

Credit: Moxi

It uses the kinetic energy of the wheels on the stroller going round and round to power your smartphone. How simple, but brilliant, is that? It also has headlight, plus an app and display also show you how far you’ve travelled.


Helia Smartbulb

There’s been loads of different smart bulbs launched recently, but this one is pretty unique. You will have heard a lot of talk about blue light, and how it can adversely prevent you from properly sleeping. Helia

Credit: Soraa

Phones like Apple’s iPhone and Huawei’s P9 have addressed that with new night modes that shift your screen colours to warmer hues in the evening. Helia LED Smartbulbs do a similar thing, subtly shifting to warmer colours in the evening. This doesn’t mean it turns your home orange. It’s definitely not jarring, and you will notice the benefit when it’s time for bed.

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