Our top weird and wonderful gadgets at CES 2017

Innovations come thick and fast at CES in Las Vegas. And it’s loads of fun wandering around to see all the useful (and not so useful) new tech manufacturers believe will change our lives.

09 Jan 2017


Karastase Hair Coach

Top of the list is a smart tech solution for your hair. Karastase’s Hair Coach, is essentially a hairbrush with a built in accelerometer and gyroscope to sense how much force your using brushing your hair. Hair coach

If you’re doing it too hard, an app on your phone will offer you tips on how to improve. It will also listen to your hair to analyse its condition. Plus, it will also send data on hair dryness, damage and tangling to your app too. People with insecurities they were brushing their hair incorrectly can now breathe a sigh of relief.


Sensorwake Oria 

Speaking of breathing, you’ve been able to wake up with smart tech sunlight for a while, but now you can fall sleep with scents. Oria sensor

The Sensorwake Oria contains cartridges loaded with perfectly curated scents to help you nod off more effectively. They not only help you fall asleep faster, but they’re also proven to help you sleep longer and deeper too. 


Taclim VR 

Amongst all the various VR gadgets that we discovered this year, possibly our favourite was Cerevo VR Shoes. Strap them on, and you’ll be able to feel yourself walking across different surfaces.Taclim shoes


It will also track the motion of your feet too. Initially these will only be available for users of Google’s Daydream VR, and while they may look like a pair of high tech Birkenstocks, they’re going to cost about the same as a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.


Panasonic’s companion projector

Panasonic clearly thinks we have far too much empty space on our desks, as this little egg shaped robot is made to drive round it chatting to you. Watch out for that cup of coffee! It also has another handy feature up its sleeve. It will project things on the wall. Projector

We can’t think of a proper, practical use for this quite yet, but it’s extremely cute, so it may find a home on our desks just for that very reason.  


Spartan smart pants

Here’s another gadget for a problem we weren’t consciously aware existed. Spartan smart pants (yes, you heard that right) have special silver woven into the crotch to form an electromagnetic field that will prevent radiation. Spartan pants

It also has anti-bacterial properties and an app! This is all in aid of protecting men’s sperm count, but it’s never been conclusively proved that this is actually a big problem. However, the models walking around CES wearing the underwear did a good job trying to persuade us.


Griffin technology connected toaster

We love burnt toast, so this gadget that’s specifically designed to prevent it isn’t going to be high on our Christmas list. However, if it’s one of your pet hates, this is probably the gadget for you.Griffin toaster

You essentially control the toasters settings through a companion app that measures temperature and the extent of the toasting. And you can set it to remember this every time, for multiple people. Toasty!


Vinci Headphones  

New Vinci headphones feature a screen on the side that displays exactly what you’re listening to. So, if you have some guilty pleasures that you’d like to keep secret, then these probably aren’t the headphones for you.

Vinci headphones

You can also use the screen to change the volume and switch to different tracks just by swiping. They’re also Bluetooth noise cancelling, can charge wirelessly, and they can be voice controlled. They’re only a concept at this moment, and are waiting for Kickstarter funding, so watch this space.


Cat Litter Robot

This marvellous round robot manages to automate every cat lovers least favourite task, cleaning out the litter tray.

Litter robot

The cat hops in, does its business, and then a few minutes later, the litter robot filters the litter, finds the offending business and slides it into a special compartment. Brilliant! Except, how do you manage to persuade your cat to jump in in the first place? And what happens if the Litter Robot decides to start filtering the cat?


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