Samsung at CES 2015

An overview of the Samsung stand at CES 2015, and the technology it contains

One of the biggest booths at the entire show this year was Samsung's, the centrepiece of which was dedicated to the connected home, and proudly introduced the "Infinite Possibilities of IoT" - the Internet of Things.

Samsung Stand


Smart Home

At the centre of the Samsung Smart home, is the The new SmartThings Hub, which is designed to offer users more flexibility and control. Connecting with both Samsung Smart devices and products from other brands, it acts as a control point, meaning every smart home device you have can be controlled with one app.

Samsung Smart Hub



At the entrance to the stand was the TV wall, and what a sight it was. Made up of 40 SUHD (Samsung's Ultra High Definition format) screens, the wall was bright. The images on the screens were vivid, colourful and crisp.

Samsung Tv Wall


At the top end of the Samsung TV range is SUHD TV. The SUHD range will consist of three different series - JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 - in sizes ranging from 48" all the way up to 88".

Samsung SUHD 88

All of the SUHD TV range runs on Samsung's Tizen operating system, promising a simple-to-use interface, and over 700 apps. As well as offering Milk Music and Milk Video services allowing you to watch free UHD videos, and listen to thousands of artists through the TV.



There was also a 110" 8K Glassesless 3D SUHD TV that was truly a wonder.

Samsung 3d


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PC Monitors

Following on from the curved TVs was the new SE790C 34" 3K Curved PC Monitor. As well as the beautiful screen quality the monitor was very practical. With adjustable height and tilt settings you could easily get the screen to a level to suit you, and it also had 5 USB 3.0 ports.

Samsung Curved Monitor


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Home Audio

Another new product on show were the Samsung 360 speakers, the latest multi-room speaker system offering. The range consists of the Solo speaker, the Duet, which is basically two Solos and a subwoofer, and the Movable, which has a convenient handle on the top and is, as the name suggests, made to be portable.

Samsung Speakers


The speakers feature "Ring Radiator" technology, which projects the sound 360°, filling the room with sound. These will also work with the existing Samsung speaker range and can also connect to the new TVs to create a home cinema system.

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With no Galaxy S6 in sight, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge took centre stage in the phone line up for Samsung. The curved edged screen on the right (the phone can be flipped for left hand users) delivers quick access to notifications and apps there are even a few games you can play on it. At first it was strange to hold, but within five minutes felt very natural.

The camera was amazing as well. At 16 megapixels the images were stunning, but the real sow stopper was the zoom. Not only did it zoom further than most phones on the market, but the impeccable image stabilisation made the images look as good as the close ups!

Samsung Edge

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Backing up the Samsung Edge is the Samsung Gear S. With its Super AMOLED display, this Smartwatch looks amazing as it wraps around the wrist. It truly is easy to use, as demonstrated at the stand. Phone calls and text messages are quick, and you can access your calendar and social networks. Its also a fitness monitor, so you can keep track of your steps throughout the day.

Samsung Gear s